3 Common Washing Machine Problems


All washing machines experience some sort of problems during their lifecycle, you’ll rarely get one that never causes you any trouble. Here are 3 of the most common washing machine problems you’ll encounter.

  1. Washing Machine Won’t Drain

This is a problem that’s all too familiar to most of us, the wash cycle has finished but your machine is still full of water. When your machine doesn’t drain, it is usually caused by one of the following:

  • Your drain or pump is blocked by an item of clothing, residual junk or some other king of debris.
  • The washing machine has malfunctioned, and the drain/spin cycle isn’t working correctly. This could indicate a problem with the computer.
  • There could be an issue with your drain pump, if it is broken, you’ll usually hear a funny sound and the machine may start to leak.

If you experience any of these issues, you should seek out trusted washing machine repair services in Durham or the surrounding area. An experienced technician will quickly diagnose the problem and fix your washing machine in no time.

  1. Washer Door is Jammed

This mostly happens with front loaders, the locking system gets jammed and you can’t open the door. It could also be a glitch in the washer’s computer system.

  1. Old Age

If your washing machine has been in use for over 10 years, you’ll start to experience more problems. If an expert can’t fix it, it is time to consider a new model.

Some issues with your washing machine can be resolved by yourself, while others can be serious and need professional attention.