4 Tips For Recovering Your Muscles After Exercise

Recovering Your Muscles After Exercise

As an athlete, you want to make progress as quickly as possible, which is why you keep training. It may be that at some point you train a little too much and this can cause an injury. Give your body time to recover from a previous workout so that your body will be less prone to injury. Ofcourse you want to continue training as soon as possible, but how do you ensure a quick recovery of your muscles? We would like to give you a few tips!

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Before a workout you often stretch to get the muscles going. But also after exercise stretching is good for your body. By stretching after your workout, you reduce muscle stiffness. In this way the tension on your muscles is reduced, the flexibility of your muscles is improved and it has a relaxing effect on your whole body. It is wise to start with an easy walk after your intense workout to lower your heart rate. Then start stretching an dress warmly after this routine.

Ice tub

You hear it a lot among professional footballers; after an intensive workout they take an ice tub. The ice tub promotes blood flow in your body. Various waste products, such as acidification, are drawn out of your body more quickly. After the workout you should let your body cool down a bit. In this way, the shock of the temperature change is not enormous.


Your body needs energy to recover after an intensive workout. You can gain the necessary energy from a recovery snack or meal. This food may be rich in carbohydrates and protein. This combination of macronutrients builds your muscles and keeps insulin levels stable.


The simplest method of recovery is sleep. The stimuli from training are processed during your sleep; tears in your muscles are repaired and the building of your muscles is stimulated. When you don’t sleep enough, a sleep deprivation occurs. This is often accompanied by a slowed metabolism, delayed recovery, irritability, weakened immune system and uncontrolled attacks of hunger.