5 Types of Fancy Roofing Material

Fancy Roofing

The roof is the most important feature of any house. It keeps your home warm and protects you from various elements like rain, sun, snow and wind. If you are planning to restart your home or build a new place you sure invest proper time in roofing the building. The roofing company in Pinellas county will provide you with many roofing options. You can find many roofing materials in the market, but using the best one is quite difficult. Let’s understand the different types of roofing material which can be used to make a good protective covering for your home.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles classic roofing material in most modern houses. They are affordable and easy to install. If you need to repair or replace them it is also an easy option. They can last up to 30 years which depends on the elements they are exposed to. The elements like wind Sun snow play an important role in the life of Asphalt shingles. Once the granules of Asphalt roofing start to leave the surface it requires a whole roof replacement.

Solar panels

Solar tiles are a new roofing option. They will not only provide protection but also save electricity bills by absorbing solar energy and converting them into power. They are one of the most eye-catching options. They require a little long time to install and are expensive. They are lovely options for houses which are exposed to the Sun but for shady areas they are not an ideal option. They are somewhat fragile to other roofing options.

Slate tiles

Whether you want tiles or shingles there is one of the most popular options is slate. It is one of the natural types of roofing material which is beautiful as well as durable. It can last for many years. But to support this type of ruffing the homes need to be strong enough. They are expensive and require specialists for installation. For the repairs, it is difficult for slate tiles and shingles to find specialists.

Green roofing

Green roofing is one of the popular options, especially for environmental enthusiasts. It is installing living rooms or small gardens in the form of roofs. They are efficient to manage the runoff water and also insulate the home. It puts clean oxygen in the air around your home. The cost of building a green room is quite expensive and requires maintenance to keep the plant alive and well.

Wood roofing

Wood roofing is one of the classic roofing materials. It is known to provide a beautiful and rustic look. It is an energy-efficient and very durable option. Wood roofing is a little pricey and the installation in maintenance costs make them more expensive. Once the roof was severely damaged it became quite ineffective.


The primary function of a roof is protection. When you choose any type of roofing option make sure it requires less maintenance and repair. It should be best according to your climatic condition.