6 Mistakes to Avoid While Moving


Relocating is a memorable experience, and it becomes even more memorable if you get married or get a job in a new city/country. Smart planning is crucial for a smooth relocating experience. However, turning this new page in life often comes with more stress than enjoyment because of the moving process.

To avoid this stress, avoid these six mistakes while finalizing the moving process:-

  • Cheapest doesn’t mean the best

Moving is expensive, hence most people make the mistake of hiring the cheapest moving company. However, cheap prices are often an indication of a non-reputable company. So, make sure to check reviews, recommendations, and then smartly compare prices. Click here if you are looking for a reputed moving company in and around Sussex.

  • Getting rid of Unnecessary Items

This is the most common mistake that most homeowners end up committing. Leaving behind some of the undesired items or the items that can be acquired easily in the new city/country will help you save money as well as time on packing. Calculate if the buying cost of heavier items is less than that of moving, then it would be advisable to donate such items. Also, find cheap used boxes from moving truck rental facilities instead of buying brand new ones to lessen your financial burden.

  • No Home Survey

A professional moving firm understands the value of a home survey. A home survey, either virtual or in-home, is required to get an accurate quote of how much will it cost to move your belongings. The size and type of furniture, big appliances, luxury items, and collections may need special movers and hence a reputed moving company will never provide you a quote without surveying your home.

  • Protection of Belongings

For lost or damaged belongings, moving companies often offer two types of protection – full valuation and released value protection. In most cases, moving companies fully cover only those belongings that have been both packed as well as moved by their employees. Hence, discuss the insurance policies upfront with the moving company and do not sign anything that waives your right to claim the damages.

  • The packing session

Are you one of those who think they will be able to do all the packing with the help of family and friends? Do not book a last-minute packing session with your movers as it will ultimately cost you more. Either make a deal in the very beginning or get the help of those friends who have experience in packing belongings so that you save a few bucks.

  • Cancellation policies

While hiring the moving company, be upfront about your special moving needs including the exact dates of your move. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, you might need to reschedule or cancel on the scheduled day. Thus you need to know about the cancellation charges before the final selection of the moving company. If the cancellation policy is unclear or missing from the terms and conditions, then you must consider hiring another reputed firm.