A Guide to Landscape Design


If you are about to move into your dream home, or would like to revamp your garden, landscape design is something you should consider, which will involve taking stock of the available resources, and planning the layout.

Creating a Layout

Talk to the best landscaping services in Trowbridge, who have a wealth of experience in designing and creating stunning gardens, and once they know your budget and preferences, they can begin to put together a floor plan.

Stunning Features

There are many garden features that can be included in your plan, which include the following:

  • Water Features – Fountains, ponds & waterfalls.
  • Terraces – Made from natural stone or block paving.
  • Split Level Garden – Creating multiple layers within a garden.

Know your Budget

Once the landscaping contractor knows your planned budget, he has something to work with, and he would make suggestions based on your input. You might prefer something that is easy to maintain, or a complex set of rockery layers, and with the help of the expert, your plan will be ready.


You should take this into account when designing the garden, and some people prefer a garden that requires a minimum of maintenance, which is something to discuss with the contractor. Artificial grass, for example, will eliminate the need for cutting the grass, and concrete can be used in many ways to create a maintenance free garden area.

Dry stone walls can be built, and this allows you to create small borders that can contain flowers and shrubs, and you are only limited by your imagination. The landscape contractor has a wealth of experience is designing bespoke gardens and is always happy to use the client’s ideas to create something unique.