A Guide to Laying Turf Like a Professional


If you are planning a garden renovation, no doubt a lawn is included in the plan, and rather than seeding the grassed area, which takes time to grow, you are advised to lay turf. Laying turf is not difficult, providing you follow the correct procedure, and with that in mind, here is a brief guide to how to lay turf like a landscape gardener.

Ground Preparation

The secret to a quality lawn lies in the ground preparation, and with all stones and foreign objects removed, the topsoil should be easy to rake into shape. Wide timber rakes allow for contouring the ground, and the top 2 or 3 inches should be soft in order for the turf to quickly gain a foothold. If you would rather let the professionals handle the turf laying, there are affordable landscaping services in Birmingham who will make short work of your project.

Laying the Turf

Turf typically comes in one metre lengths that are either rolled or folded, and in hot weather, the stack of turf should be watered regularly while the preparation is going on, and preferably not left in the sun. Once the lawn has been laid, it needs to be watered thoroughly and with a daily watering for at least one week, this should be enough to allow the turn to establish roots.

It is not advisable to:

  • Walk on the lawn for at least 2 weeks.
  • Cut the grass for one month to allow the turf to bind with the ground.

Of course, you will need the equipment, which includes a wheelbarrow for moving the turf, and if you choose a dry weekend, that should be enough time to see the lawn laid.