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Kean Nesbit is an Architect by education and a homeowner & home-design enthusiast. His blog helps homeowners understand how to design, build, renovate their homes in a very effective manner.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning
Carpets are commonly used in houses throughout the country. They are also used in commercial spaces. Carpets look good and provide a rustic, classy...

The Benefits of Hiring a Fencing Contractor

Installing a new fence around your property is very important if you want to highlight the boundary around your house. The fence around your...

Choosing Replacement Sofa Cushions

Sofa Cushions
Sofa cushions are one of the most important parts of your sofa. They are what you sit on, and they're what make up the...

There are Many Types of Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs
It doesn’t matter how new your home is or when your roof was installed, over time it is going to need repairs, and, to...

A Guide To Buying Your Home’s Windows Replacement Units

Windows Replacement Units
Homeowners find it challenging to choose the right windows replacement units for their homes. Many window types, designs, and materials make it challenging to...