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Things to Do Before Building a Customised Closet

The good thing about having a customized closet is that you can determine every detail. From the number of panels to the materials used, everything is your choice. You might have to spend a bit more, but it would be worth it. Having fitted bedrooms will also make everything look organized. You only need one area to keep your clothes and accessories. Check out if you want this type of closet. If you have already decided to pursue this plan, here are a few things you need to do.

Determine your needs

Start by conducting an inventory of the things you own. Identify how many clothes and accessories you have. You can determine the number of panels or the size of the closet based on your needs. You don’t want to end up with customized furniture that doesn’t serve its purpose. Consider not only the items you own now but also the ones you intend to buy in the future.

Set your budget

Another reason for choosing a customized closet is that you can decide how much you can afford to pay. Sure, customized furniture is more expensive. However, you can tweak the details to meet your budget. Don’t go beyond your budget. Remember that there are still other expenses to consider.

Find the right place

Choosing to have built-in furniture can also be risky since you can’t move it anymore. Once you decided to place it in one area, it will stay there forever. Therefore, you need to survey your bedroom and decide where to put the closet. Make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your movement. If there are other items in the bedroom, there should be enough space. Measure the area and provide the correct details to the builders.

Find a reliable furniture maker

You want a reliable person doing the job. Again, you will spend a lot of money to build customized furniture. Rely on someone who can guarantee excellent results. Read reviews online to know what other people have to say. You may also seek recommendations from friends who already tried doing customized furniture before. 

Empty your bedroom

Since the construction will take a while, you might have to use another bedroom. Remove all the items inside to prevent damages. The good thing is that if you hire the right people to do the furniture, it won’t take a long time to get things done. You might have to sacrifice for a few days, but the results would be worth it.

Don’t start from scratch

The customized closet should reflect your personality and choices. However, there’s no need to start everything from scratch. Instead of designing out of nowhere, you can look for examples. It doesn’t mean that you have to replicate existing designs. You can get an idea of how to make your closet better. Once you are ready to move forward, talk to the person who will build the closet. After agreeing on every detail, it’s time to close the deal. Wait until the furniture is ready, and you will love it.

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A Guide to Foundation Repair and Basement Repair

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, you need to be aware that there are things that you may not be aware of that can be extremely dangerous. For this article, we came up with a list of some of the things that be expected to go wrong at some point. We also included some things that a professional basement repair company will do to repair the damage. 

If you are having what you suspect is a foundation issue and you are in the Western part of Colorado or surrounding states you should consider contacting Foundation Repairs of Western Colorado, which specializes in basement and foundation repairs. 

7 Common basement issues and what to do about them

Cracks in the walls and or floor – Due to normal settling it is not unusual for a homeowner to find small hairline cracks in their basement walls and floors within the first couple of years. However, if you are finding larger cracks or horizontal cracks in the walls or floors you should be concerned. These types of cracks should be looked at by a professional and repaired as quickly as possible. 

Excessive foundation settling – Excessive settling or a sinking foundation is a definite sign of a serious condition. If you happen to notice that one side of the house is much lower than the other, this is a dead giveaway that your home is likely sinking and not just settling. If you suspect that there is a sinking problem, you need to call a professional to determine the extent of the sinking and find the root cause. 

Upheavals in the floor – While a settling or sinking foundation is often considered normal, a rising foundation or upheaval is definitely not normal. An upheaval condition generally occurs around the perimeter of the foundation and it is normally caused by the expansion of the soil. Unlike when the soil under the foundation erodes and you have sunk, the expanding soil will force the foundation upward. This will need to be corrected by an expert in foundation repair. 

Poorly fitting doors – The opening and closing of the doors in your home are dependent on the squareness of the frame. If you notice that the doors are starting to stick excessively, or they are not opening and closed tightly as they once did. You are likely having some type of foundation issue and you should have it looked at. If you let it go for too long, you could be in for much higher repair bills. 

Large gaps around windows – Gaps around windows and exterior doors or French-style doors that don’t come together correctly are a good sign that you might be experiencing a foundation issue. You may be thinking that you can simply fill in the gaps between the windows, however, that will not fix the problem. You will likely be backfilling in the same gaps all over again. You need to call in an expert to identify the foundation issues and make the proper corrections. 

Floors appear uneven in places – Uneven or sagging flooring can be caused by a number of things depending on how your foundation is constructed. The typical slab floor that is sagging or uneven in spots is usually caused by the soil eroding from underparts of the slab. You will want to call in an expert that can identify the exact cause of the slab movement and make the necessary correctly fairly quickly. 

Excessive dampness in the crawl space – If you don’t have a slab foundation, it will have a pier and beam system instead. This type of foundation means that there will be designated crawl spaces to allow free access to utility lines that enter and exit the house. If there is an excess amount of dampness or moisture you will likely notice a number of things inside the house. You will need to call in an expert to find the source of the moisture and get it repaired. 

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Why must you choose laminate flooring

Are you looking to get new flooring done? What to get is a big decision. There are many aspects that need to be considered before finalizing the type of floor. There are so many options available in the market that you can select from. The laminate floor is the most liked flooring as there are many different design options in the same. A few people do go in for wood but that is a very price and maintenance option. Rather you can buy a wood finish laminate floor.

Why do people prefer laminate flooring?

Wood is a very costly option for first-time installation as well as the price of maintenance is high as well. The cost is lesser and also resistant to stains, as it is easier to clean. The smooth surface will not only look good but there are also various different designs to choose from. They are also very simple to install, hence need lesser time, and are ready to use quickly. The laminates are not made from real wood, so they are not harming rare types of trees like the hardwood tiles.

How to get laminate floors installed?

The laminate floors are in the form of tiles and are very easily installed. You can look for a tongue and groove design for an easier self-installation. But if the area is wide or has complicated corners it will be best to let the professionals handle it for you. The design of the tiles will not increase the cost. So have a budget in hand before you buy the laminate tiles.

How do you clean and care for the laminate tiles?

Every room over time gets dirty and there is a need for stain removal. Food, drinks, mud, or anything else can stick to the floor making it dirty. Though the stains will be sticky and stubborn looking, cleaning the laminate floor is rather a simple job. With regular maintenance of the floor and regular cleaning with a mild floor cleaner, the job will be done. The liquids are not very poisonous or harsh. So, use a cloth and softly remove the stains. While in the time of hardwood the moisture will damage the whole floor, there will be warping and imperfections will develop over time.

Summary: The laminate floors are not damaged severely by moisture, in most designs, there is no damage at all. And last but not least laminate floor is the best option as per the cost parameter. In the kitchen, it is best to put laminate flooring so that it can be cleaned easily and look spick and span. A swipe here and there will make the whole floor shining. Laminate flooring has a long life if kept properly and clean. Make sure you do not drop very heavy items on their surface or scratch them. This will break it, then you will have to replace the entire tile. So, the laminate floor is the best.

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Does a tankless water heater run out of hot water?

A few years back, the first tankless water heater we saw on the market was the Cross Plains T tankless water heater. It was actually the very first electric tankless water heater on the market. The Cross Plains is still one of the most popular and most sold water heaters today. This is especially true since the prices for electric water heaters have gone so low.

The problem with a tankless water heater is that if it runs out of hot water, you will have to replace it or carry it in the car to get it refilled. There is no way to predict when your tankless unit will run out of hot water. It just never happens. You will probably be waiting several days until you can find a place where you can refill it with new water.

One of the advantages of owning an electric tankless heater is that there is no longer any need for hot water storage tanks. You do not have to haul long pipes or hoses from the hot water tank to the refrigerator. Also, there are no more worries about running out of hot water. The electric tankless heater takes just minutes to heat up a full gallon of water. The cold water is delivered right to your faucets.

This may all sound great but is it practical to use such a unit? If you don’t use much hot water at all, it may not be a great idea to invest in an electric tankless water heater. If you do a lot of cooking or very expensive laundry it can save you money over a period of time. If you live in a remote area where access to hot water may be limited, it makes sense to go with an electric system. If you use your water regularly in the shower and tub, it will be much more practical to use a tank than an electrical one.

For people who use a standard electric tankless heater they will probably never see the benefit of the change. It does take some getting used to, especially if you are used to hot water coming from a traditional water heater. Most people will adjust to the less desirable method over time.

There are benefits to both types of water heaters and it comes down to what you personally need and how much you want to pay for your electric tankless unit. An electric tankless heater is great in rural areas where access to hot water is limited. If you live in an urban area, you might find the investment in an electric model makes more sense. Visit today to discuss your options and what is best for you.

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7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Buy a New House

Property ownership is a goal that almost everyone works towards over the span of their career. However, before engaging ourselves in such a large purchase, we need to consider important factors first to avoid problems that may arise. We have to make sure that we are ready to purchase that house and keep it as a good investment. Here are some signs that you should know that you are ready to own a house.

Clear of Debt

Before buying a property, it’s important to clear yourself of debts. It would be best to pay any remaining car payments and outstanding credit card debt to prevent having extra bills during your deal for a mortgage. After clearing all your obligations, you may allocate your extra fund to expenses as a homeowner such as repairs and maintenance, furnishings, homeowners’ insurance, and property tax.

A High Credit Score

You will eventually increase your credit score after paying your debt and observe your credit report to get a more acceptable interest rate. If you qualify for a better interest rate, you will have a chance to gain lower monthly mortgage obligations for a house.

A Stable Job

We all know that not all jobs have a guarantee to give us a stable income. It would be best that you have a long position in a company or have several years of owning a business as your credential for purchasing a house. This way, it will be easy for you to decide if you are ready to own a house, and you don’t have to worry about how to pay for it. 

Income Increase

Your income will dictate your fate in purchasing your new home. Having a steady income would mean you can be ready to be a homeowner, but this means you will be allocating 30% of your monthly salary for the mortgage payment. You may increase as much as 50% with regard to the mortgage payment if you can adjust your lifestyle and gain a healthy raise. This can provide you a chance to increase the availability of your funds.

An Assurance of Emergency Funds and Savings

Life is full of surprises, and it’s important to plan for these events and have extra accounts for emergency funds and savings. Relying on your monthly income to pay for these unforeseen expenses will disrupt your monthly allocations for your bills and mortgage. 

  1. A Reasonable Down Payment

Part of your journey in knowing if you are ready to buy a new house would be having at least 10% down payment aside from your total savings and emergency fund. If you are looking at a Lake Tahoe real estate for sale, it would be wise if you save 15% to 20% down payment to prevent PMI (private mortgage insurance) requirement. You can lower down your monthly payment if you can increase your down payment.

Firm Goals

If you really want to buy a new house, you need to set your goals first. Your income management would always be your priority and stay away from unplanned large expenses. You will be able to pay your mortgage without any problems if you maintain this discipline. Make sure that you align your other future goals such as starting a new business or building a new family to be able to sustain your mortgage obligations. If you are set with these goals, then you are ready to purchase a new house.

Final Thoughts

If you do all these factors, the next step you should do is for an assessment for prequalification, search for a realtor, and have an ocular visit at homes for sale. Your dream of having a new house will now come true.

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Tips on Protecting Your Solar Panels From Pigeons

In past years, solar panels have grown in popularity. However, the harm incurred by birds and that you will finally call a competent solar panel proofing team is what solar panel installers don’t tell you. 

The best advice for keeping your solar panels away from insect birds, such as pigeons, will therefore be shared in this post. The key tips are to scrub your solar panels, artificial birds of prey, mesh, and spikes. So let’s understand how each step works and could help.

Get your solar panels safe

The most successful way to discourage birds from breeding in the first place under your solar panels is to keep them clean. This would require you to get a long pole tied to the end with a sponge. You can get some soap, a cleaner, and a brush to support you on your journey if you buy a cleaning kit specially designed for solar panels. 

You should wipe the area carefully first. Be sure that the cleaning is not too aggressive, as solar panels are brittle. If you remember to periodically clean your panels and remove any dirt build-up, your panels can work for longer and hopefully keep birds away from the area.

This is a basic kind of approach, and it probably wouldn’t work much if you already have a pigeon epidemic. 

Fake Prey Birds 

Not very well known is this technique of scaring birds away from your solar panels. Birds living under solar panels are wary of birds of prey, such as pigeons and gulls. It could therefore help to buy fake birds of prey statues and position them around the city. These are sold through Amazon and other sites on the internet. This is not the most successful way of avoiding birds, though. 


If you have a bird problem already, so consider using mesh across the sides of the solar panels. As the field will be closed off, this will deter birds for good, causing them to


The second favorite choice will be spiked. This humane method of preventing the breeding of birds under solar panels would block entry to the field by the birds. Bird spikes should be ordered from specialized businesses and should be of the finest quality. It recommends investing only in high-quality spikes that do not modify color or rust. This will keep your investment in solar panels protected from insect birds. 


Overall, as constructive approaches to avoid birds breeding, the first two tips should be used. If birds are still present, however, tips 3 and 4 should do the job! Solar panels can become less powerful over time because of the build-up of bird debris and droppings. You can always get the services for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels through PPSP in the UK. If necessary, they will clear dead pigeons, nests and debris from your solar panels, ensure that all the traces and evidence of the pigeons is absolutely gone, and keep any debris from falling from your roof. 

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Best artificial plants to brighten up your tabletops

People search for different ways to spruce up their home and office, and plants are an easy way for that. But many of them find it difficult to maintain plants and keep them alive. But they can bring greenery to their home with artificial plants. Since these are available in wide varieties with realistic textures, they can easily liven up your home interiors.  Artificial plants and flowers are a great way to treat your eyes with a touch of nature. You can easily find artificial plants and flowers for your corner table or bookshelves to make the area more attractive.

An essential component of interior design

Nowadays, indoor plants are a trend in interior design. In fact, they are an essential part of the decoration of both homes and offices. In addition to mood-boosting properties, a dash of greenery can brighten up your indoor spaces. Artificial plants are a great choice to decorate your tabletop as they are easy to take care of. If you do not have enough space to make a garden, but you love a little greenery at home, you can decorate your home with eye-catching tabletop artificial plants.

Bring harmony and a natural look to your home with artificial tabletop plants

Plants are a great way to reduce stress and improve the harmony of the home. It is also a way to feel more productive. One of the great features of tabletop plants is that they can absorb background noises. So, adding them to your home decor can certainly make it a fantastic place to live. The main three types of tabletop plants to consider are:

  • Artificial flowers
  • Tall branches
  • Topiaries

To make visual interest in a room

Bright flowers on the tabletop are a great way to add a dash of color to a room. Plants with pastel light flowers can perfect to give a cottage look to your room. If you use bright colored flowers, it can easily grab attention. When you choose artificial flowers for tabletop decoration, choose them with wire inside the stems. It helps you to shape the plant so that they look natural.

You can plan to place tall stems in vases on the tabletops of foyers and entryways. Berry-laden or cherry-blossom plants are a great choice for this purpose. Topiaries are superb to enhance the visual attraction in a room. Some of the best plants to decorate your tabletop include:

  • A beautiful Agave Plant
  • A Cedar bonsai plant
  • A Peony Bundle
  • An Aloe plant in pot
  • Artificial succulents
  • Faux Saguaro Cactus
  • Assorted Succulent faux plants

Seeing a vase full of green stems or a fresh bouquet on a tabletop certainly makes everybody happy. In fact, plants are not limited only to pots. But they can look great in vases or vessels. Those who cannot grow real plants can bring artificial plants to make their home beautiful. Choose the replicas of natural plants to transform your tabletop more elegant.

Contact us for beautiful varieties of artificial plants to decorate your tabletop and brighten up your interiors.

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Unsung Heroes of Everyday Living – The ‘Power’ Of Electrical Systems

Electrical Power Systems is a crucial area where investing (time, expertise, and money) is important when building a new home, office, or industry. Everything runs and depends on power and the more reliable we want the electricity to be, the more measures we need to implement to protect it. Traditionally thinking, electrical power systems instantly draw up an image of utility power systems such as transmitters, generators, etc. But they are omnipresent and go beyond that, comprising of homes, transportation, medical facilities, cars, air travel, industries and so much more. 

COVID-19 has taught us just how, like many other professions, engineers are very important to the world, no? A day without our home electronics working, malls turning pitch dark and industries coming to a standstill is equaled to an ‘apocalypse’ and how!

Let’s talk about homes first, because that’s where the new-age man is found these days! In light of ensuing winters, your outdoor equipment is going to gather a blanket of snow. Once the snow melts and everything is green again, the last thing you want is an electrical accident or a machine going dead because of snow. Similarly, changing seasons and erratic climate causes corrosion, and even the best-made appliance or a top-notch electrical system can completely spiral down if not maintained well. A good regimen for household maintenance of appliances and machines should entail – 

  • Cleaning out dust regularly
  • Checking chords for wear and tear 
  • Oiling tools 
  • Checking for rust and dampness 

Electrical systems are the heartbeat of a healthy business operation.  Be it the food industry, chemical plants, railways, defense, power generation or any other global sector, electrical installations call for paramount safety and expertise. To reduce risks, avoid uncomplicated installation, and provide a safe environment for your staff, it may be worth considering contacting an industry expert who has a reputable service in delivering quality electrical power support. What you’ll need is a bespoke service that provides consultation and management of your power systems assisting with an around-the-clock call out provision if it comes to that. 

Now a company such as Matrix Power will design a comprehensive solution right from when the civil work starts and design equipment installation. They are reputed to have an in-house team of skilled professionals who perform tests and commissioning to avoid catastrophic failures. Besides emergency call-out support, they deal with aged installations too.

Investing in a good service plan often allows potential electrical breakdowns and associated financial losses. You can focus on your core business while allowing a trusted, solid, bespoke service for electrical support. For the prolonged life of electrical systems why not leave them into the safe hands of experts?

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Best floor styling for home office

A little love for designing and rearranging helps in a better organisation of your home office. And the floor is an important part of the office room at home, no matter what kind of work you might be doing from home. Here are some favourite home office floor decoration ideas that are sure to enhance creativity and styling efficiently. Studio 54 fitted bedrooms can help you set up a professional working space or home office according to your need specification and considerations. 

Vinyl flooring

When you are low in your budget, the best option is to luxury vinyl – which is durable, water-resistant and softer even underfoot when compared to the tile and hardwood. It gives the amazing look to the room cost-efficiently. Add a rug and some office furniture to finish the look of the home office for you to settle down working comfortably throughout the day. 


Hardwood flooring is a classic with sleek and sophisticated styling. Use the bold rug on the hardwood flooring to style it up more. It creates a calming space where you can settle and enjoy working. It is sure to impress your guests and business partners.


Tile is a much greater idea for the home office flooring as it is durable and water-resistant. It can be used comfortably with any kind of furniture such as the rolling chairs, office tables. It is easier to clean the coffee spills that you might accidentally do. You can even choose from the variety of styles, patterns and colours it comes in. It gives a shiner and neater look than any other flooring.


Comfort is what you seek on a stressful day at work. And the best flooring for the home office would be the carpet. Choose from the variety of the colours, patterns, texture and materials that it comes in – to complement the kind of room you have to choose for your home office. It makes you comfortable under even the barefoot. There is also a waterproof carpet that is easier for you to clean and be used for years to come.

When working from home, the most you need is comfort and function while working. The best office furniture and interior styling will give a working vibe. For good working, the area is the key to the ideal home office that helps you keep going throughout the day. 

Try accommodating the computer, storage desk, office essentials and chairs. But with the home office furniture arrangement, don’t forget to overlook the floor. It helps in setting the right tone for the room.  

Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms offers you the perfect working space that allows to working comfortably yet professionally. We offer a wide range of office furniture that completely fit out your home office that can be customised to your style. We will help you accommodate all kinds of furniture your requirement the suits you perfectly.

Contact Studio 54 fitted bedrooms to discuss all your ideas and we will ensure to offer you suitably and functionally. An effective, personalised working space that is intelligently engineered office furniture make all the difference in making a perfect working environment to increase the productivity and overall effectiveness.

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What is Tile roofing, and what are the advantages of it?

Tile roof is house exterior designers trend  – give the home the traditional look from the locally available materials. The tile roof is made from clay, terracotta, ceramic, concrete, and slate tiles. Each tile is secured in the roof using nails. It is worked from the bottom of the lower part of the roof to the top by overlapping the rows of tiles over the first one. 

The modern tiles come with a waterproof glaze and provide the house with rainwater getting inside. S Elder Roofing has been offering new tiled roofing options in Kirkcaldy for many years that enhance the visual appearance and added value for the property. The tile roof is a great choice for making the house look beautiful, rich, and classy from out. It also has many functional benefits and hence is a popular choice for the durability, energy efficiency, and longevity it offers. Check for the major advantages of the tiled roof that are listed below:


Tile roofs come with the lowest life cycle cost of any other type of roofing material. It has been used for centuries and still enduring modern houses with class. It is fire resistant and can withstand high winds. Tiled roofs are the added layer of protection that is built in the house. It assures strength, is tough, water-shedding out shell, and has the underlayment that works as the extra shield for the building. When the tiles are installed properly, the concrete and clay tiles can withstand the hailstone as large as 1-2 inches.


The roof tiles are available in a wide array of colors ranging from the lighter shades to the dark and multi-colored. The colored tiles help in easy co-ordination of the roof with the exterior colors.

Roof tiles colour can be matched with the architectural styling of the building, and designed to reflect the traditional barrel style, wood or slate.

Increase Value

With the beauty combined with the functionality, the tiled roof helps the house owners for a better and faster sale when compared to other materials such as asphalt shingle.  The roof lasts longer for hundreds of years, and hence is the cheapest long term roofing material that you could find.

Environmental friendly

The material used in tile – clay, concrete, and ceramic is easily recycled. It does not deplete limited natural resources and does not have any chemical preservatives. All waste can be recycled and nothing goes into the landfills, pollute the air, water or earth.


The space between each tile of the roof helps in natural ventilated. It offers insulation, and provides a cooling effect for the house during the summer, and keeps the temperature inside to be warmer in the winter.

Installation and maintenance

 Tile roofs are easy to install, by racking the tiles from the lower part of the roof to the upper portion, one above the other. Hiring professionally trained experts will assure that the installation is done accurately. The installation d maintenance cost, in the long run, are lower than other roof materials. The tiles are the easiest to repair as well.