Best floor styling for home office


A little love for designing and rearranging helps in a better organisation of your home office. And the floor is an important part of the office room at home, no matter what kind of work you might be doing from home. Here are some favourite home office floor decoration ideas that are sure to enhance creativity and styling efficiently. Studio 54 fitted bedrooms can help you set up a professional working space or home office according to your need specification and considerations.

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Vinyl flooring

When you are low in your budget, the best option is to luxury vinyl – which is durable, water-resistant and softer even underfoot when compared to the tile and hardwood. It gives the amazing look to the room cost-efficiently. Add a rug and some office furniture to finish the look of the home office for you to settle down working comfortably throughout the day.


Hardwood flooring is a classic with sleek and sophisticated styling. Use the bold rug on the hardwood flooring to style it up more. It creates a calming space where you can settle and enjoy working. It is sure to impress your guests and business partners.


Tile is a much greater idea for the home office flooring as it is durable and water-resistant. It can be used comfortably with any kind of furniture such as the rolling chairs, office tables. It is easier to clean the coffee spills that you might accidentally do. You can even choose from the variety of styles, patterns and colours it comes in. It gives a shiner and neater look than any other flooring.


Comfort is what you seek on a stressful day at work. And the best flooring for the home office would be the carpet. Choose from the variety of the colours, patterns, texture and materials that it comes in – to complement the kind of room you have to choose for your home office. It makes you comfortable under even the barefoot. There is also a waterproof carpet that is easier for you to clean and be used for years to come.

When working from home, the most you need is comfort and function while working. The best office furniture and interior styling will give a working vibe. For good working, the area is the key to the ideal home office that helps you keep going throughout the day.

Try accommodating the computer, storage desk, office essentials and chairs. But with the home office furniture arrangement, don’t forget to overlook the floor. It helps in setting the right tone for the room.

Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms offers you the perfect working space that allows to working comfortably yet professionally. We offer a wide range of office furniture that completely fit out your home office that can be customised to your style. We will help you accommodate all kinds of furniture your requirement the suits you perfectly.

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