Essential Garden Maintenance for the Coming Spring

Once the harsh UK winter has said its goodbyes, it is time to take a look at the garden, which has lay dormant for a few months and could certainly do with some remedial work to restore it to its former glory. This will ensure that when the summer finally arrives, your outdoor living space is looking its best, and with that in mind, here are a few things to consider doing before summer arrives.

  • Fencing – If your fencing is looking a little jaded, treating it will a couple of coats of stain will certainly make a difference. Failing that, you could replace old fencing and with trusted fencing services in West Lothian, your garden will be ready for the coming summer barbeques. There are a range of timbers that make for attractive fencing and with matching gates, your exterior will complement the property.
  • Patio Decking – This can be either revarnished or replaced, and with a local fencing contractor that also carry out decking replacement, you can have both the fencing and decking replaced with matching timber.
  • Tree Care – This is the best time to prune trees and large shrubs, which will prepare them for the coming summer. By removing dead branches and generally shaping the trees to suit the immediate environment, your trees will be an integral part of a well-balanced garden.

If you would like to outsource garden maintenance to your local landscape gardener, he would be happy to pop round on a regular basis to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.


Things To Do In Your Garden During Summer

Not only is summer a wonderful time to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, but it is also the perfect season to spruce up your garden. During this period, you can focus more on getting skilled landscape design Eastern Suburbs from Amico that will add to the aesthetics of your garden. You should also take this time to take extra care of your plants since the season can get a little dry.

If you want to learn how you can maximize the summer season to benefit your garden, here are four things you should try.

A garden’s visual appeal always shows with proper maintenance.

  1. Spread Mulch Over Your Soil

Mulching is an important gardening step to keep your garden healthy. During summer, your plants are prone to drying out and eventually die. By covering your soil with at least two inches of mulch layer, your soil becomes protected from the heat of the sun. The mulch keeps the root of your plants cooler while it also maintains moisture since it prevents evaporation to occur.

There are many ways you can create mulch,and there isn’t necessarily a specific type that always works best. As long as the material is organic, it will help keep your soil healthy while adding structure. Consider using shredded wood, pine straw, grass clippings, and shredded leaves when making mulch.

  1. Time To Weed

Weeds are inevitable in any garden. However, they become more annoying during summertime especially. Weeds quickly grow in size when the weather is warmer than usual,and they take this opportunity to steal all the moisture left in your plants. Aside from consuming your garden’s moisture, weeds also invite various insect pests and diseases into your garden. That is why when the weather starts getting hotter, take this cue to pull the weeds away.

It is best when you grab the weeds when they are still young and small. It is also easier to pull them out of the ground when the soil is still moist. By eliminating weeds early, you can prevent them from producing and spreading even more seeds which will only become more of a burden in the long run.

  1. Water Your Garden Well

Since summertime draws out the moisture from your plants faster than during any other season, it is crucial that you water your plants now more than ever. Most plants prefer at least an inch of water each week. But during the summer season, you can apply that inch of water all at once so it can sink deep into the soil.

Applying the water directly to the ground gives better hydration to the plants. When watering, do not let water sit on the leaves and foliage since it can cause diseases to your plants. You can hire a company that offers gardening services Beaconsfield to give your garden a professional watering system if you wish. Consider installing soaker hoses during this time so you won’t have to water them by yourself.

  1. Remove Faded Blooms

The process of deadheading or removing faded flowers from your garden helps prevent plants from producing more seeds. When you remove spent blooms from most of your annuals and perennials, more flowers will start to bloom.

Aim for reasonable rates with amazing results.

Final Word

Summertime is a great season to sit back on your garden and enjoy the beautiful blooms. Make sure to follow these summer gardening tips to ensure that your garden is healthy all year long.


Get High-Quality Garden Sheds From a Local Company That You Can Rely on

Gardening is something that many people are passionate about. You might love working out in your yard and seeing your plants grow is something that can instil you with pride. In order to have the best gardening experience, you really need somewhere that you can put your equipment. Your tools need a safe home and it makes sense to purchase a high-quality garden shed as soon as possible.

Getting a New Shed

Getting a new shed is going to be a very smart idea. You need to be able to keep your tools and other important pieces of equipment out of the elements. It isn’t going to be practical to store these things in your home so a convenient garden shed is the most logical choice to make. You can get a great garden shed when you turn to the best local company for sheds.

  • Great sheds
  • Spacious and sturdy outbuildings
  • Time-tested construction
  • Very good prices

Reaching out to a local garden sheds company in Bolton will be very helpful. They can get you the shed that you need and you will be able to get it placed on your property quickly. This will make gardening and other outdoor activities that much more pleasant. Not only will this shed be practical for you but it will also look fantastic. Just reach out to the company and get your new shed today.

Buy Your New Shed Today

Buy your new shed today to get your needs taken care of. This shed is going to fit all of your tools and important pieces of outdoor equipment safely. You will be able to keep things organised better and it will just be a real treat to have a nice shed in your yard. Getting the shed that you need will be very simple when you contact the local company that you can count on so don’t hesitate to reach out.


Common Nursery Products You Should Know About

A plant nursery on the Gold Coast is a place where a variety of flora are cared for and sold. They’re different from regular stores in that the plants are fully grown before they’re offered to the customer. This means all you’ll have to do is replant the item in your desired location. They’re the go-to place for people who have commercial gardens, and those in the landscaping industry.


Shrubs are woody plants with very hard stems. They are smaller than trees, and are usually 6 metres in height or under. Some can grow as small as 2 metres tall. They also have more stems and leaves. Some varieties can grow to full grown trees, given the right conditions. Others will stay small and dense.

Shrubs are often used as a natural wall around the perimeter of a garden. They can be trimmed to ensure they look neat. They respond well to pruning, as this stimulates the growth of new stems. This makes the foliage much denser. When maintained correctly, these can provide ample privacy for outdoor entertaining areas.

This type of plant also adds texture to the garden. Species with muted looks can provide a neutral background for more colourful plants and flowers. When trimmed at different heights, they can add an interesting aesthetic to the landscaping. In some cases – like that of lavender shrubs – they can function both as a design piece and an edible plant.


Groundcovers are plants that cover the entire area of your garden. They are an important part of landscaping. They don’t just serve to make the area look more natural. They also protect the topsoil from erosion. In very hot weather, they provide moisture to the soil to keep it from getting dry.

When used for aesthetic reasons, groundcover works to cover up any bare parts of the soil. This is common around trees, flowers and shrubbery that have been replanted in the area. Grass works to improve the appearance of the garden, making it look more natural overall.

Check the plants for sale on the Gold Coast for all your gardening needs!

Author: Carrie Sze


Trees That Just Won’t Quit Growing

Do you have a tree in your yard that just isn’t where you want it to be? Maybe the tree is growing in an area where it could be a danger to your house. Maybe it’s starting to get old and it looks like it could fall at any minute. Maybe you just don’t really like the tree at all and want to get rid of it. No matter what the reason is, if you’re looking to remove a tree, you really shouldn’t do it alone. You need a professional.

Professional Tree Removal

Many people think that removing a tree isn’t that difficult, but the problem is it can be extremely serious and a big problem if you’re not careful. That’s because you never know which way a tree is going to fall or just what it might take down with it. You may not be able to judge just how large the tree actually is or how to cut it. Having expert tree removal services in Kent take down the tree makes it safer for your family.

  • Tree felling
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting
  • Stump grinding
  • Crown reduction

Making Your Yard Better

When it comes to removing or even thinning out trees, hiring a professional is a great way to take care of it. You want to make sure you have a professional who knows what they’re doing. So, you must take the time to look up several different options and be sure to look for everything from references to certifications and a whole lot more. You’re definitely going to find someone high quality. It’s just about deciding what exactly you want to do.


Tips to keep your garden healthy in low temperatures

The cold weather might be a nice change for you but not so much for your plants. While you’re busy exploring everything winter has to offer, your garden will be freezing to death. This means that the gardening season is far from over. It’s your job to keep your garden healthy in low as well as high temperatures, otherwise, you can’t count on success. Thankfully, it only involves a little effort and paying a certain amount of attention to your plants. Here are some handy tips on how to keep your garden healthy even when the weather tries to ruin it.

1. Clean up

The first thing you need to do to keep your plants healthy this winter is clean up the rotting and dead ones from your garden. Unhealthy plants spread disease and pests like wildfire. It’s better to sacrifice one or two plants rather than the whole garden. Make sure you’re thorough and haven’t missed a single plant.

This will ensure only the strongest and healthiest plants will make it to spring, meaning you’ll have one hell of a garden to reckon with. You can easily regrow what you’ve lost next season, but that’s only possible if there’s not even a sign of disease or fungus.

2. Cover your trees

Since you can’t really move your trees into warmer areas, you’ll have to take other measures. Generally, it’s advised to cover your deciduous trees. This will help them retain their health in the cold months to come. You can leave the covers on for the whole winter, but it’s advisable to see how your trees are doing.

If it’s just a short cold period we’re talking about, you should take off the covers as soon as the weather starts getting warmer. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been on just for a day or two because your trees will appreciate the warm weather much more than being cooked up while the air is pleasant. For low plantings, you can even use leaf mould of straw as a defensive measure for shorter cold periods.

3. Get rid of bugs

Bugs are bound to be looking for a safe and warm place to stay in this winter, too. That’s why it’s important to check the dirt of your plants before you bring them anywhere. As it’s cold outside, the dirt is the most common place you’ll find the bugs because it is the warmest. If left untreated, the bugs could end up munching on everything healthy your plant has, spreading disease, and completely destroying it.

That’s why it’s important to chase the bugs away. This is an especially imperative process if you plan on moving your plants indoors. You can get rid of the bugs by spraying natural repellent in the pot, or introducing plants which naturally repel bugs to your garden. One such plant is definitely lavender.

4. Bring plants inside

If you’ve got sensitive potted plants, it’s time to bring them inside. No matter how careful and gentle you are with them, there’s no way they’ll survive the extreme temperatures in the backyard. You can make a temporary gardening space in your home which will be ready to offer shelter to all your sensitive little plants. If you don’t want a designated space, you can simply decorate your house with all the new plants from your garden.

The important thing is to recreate the ideal environment those plants need to survive. Make sure they have enough light and water, and they’ll be ready to retake their place under the sun after winter is over without a doubt.

5. Pruning helps

Winter is the ideal time to prune most of your plants. First off, their foliage is mostly gone so you can see their shape better. This allows you to be free and creative as well as to do a better pruning job. Even though this process can be repeated every season, perhaps it’s most convenient to do in winter. The plants are dormant during winter, which means that pruning will also promote regrowth in spring. This way you’re investing in a healthy and growing garden for the long run.

When pruning, make sure to take your sharp garden secateurs and cut away the dead or diseased parts of the plants first. It’s most convenient to do this on a dry day, as both you and the trees and shrubs will have an easier time with the process. Remember that your goal is to maintain the structure of the tree or shrub, so act accordingly.

6. Adjust the amount of water you give

Now that it’s colder outside, you’ll need to reconsider how much you water your garden. The plants will need sufficiently less water now that it’s cold outside. You should still water them in the morning, as they’ll be dry for the cool and damp nights. This will preserve their health and keep them strong despite the weather.

If you have an automated system which does your watering, don’t forget to run a seasonal maintenance check. It’s important to get rid of any potential clogs and to make sure the settings have been adjusted according to the weather outside. Once winter is over, don’t forget to repeat this process.


As you can see, a healthy garden is not unattainable in winter. Get your winter gear on and give your plants the time of day even though they may be too sleepy to appreciate it now. In spring, you’ll see just how much your efforts have paid off, as you’ll have a marvellous and stunning garden, ready to grow more. We’re confident you’ll get the optimal results you desire with these handy tips.


The Benefits of Hiring a Fencing Contractor

Installing a new fence around your property is very important if you want to highlight the boundary around your house. The fence around your property serves a very important purpose; it is the first line of security around the property and also indicates the boundary of your property. If you do not have a fence installed, your pets and kids might be able to wander off. Fencing can be made from a variety of different materials, so it’s very important that you choose it carefully. Some of the many materials that can be used for building a fence include the following:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminium

It’s important that you hire affordable fencing contractors in West Lothian if you want to install a new fence around your property. There are many reasons why you should hire a reputable fencing contractor instead of doing all of the work yourself. Here are some simple reasons why you should hire a fencing contractor.

Attention to Detail

One of the main reasons why you should hire a fencing contractor is because they pay great attention to detail when carrying out the work. They will ensure that the fence is fixed properly in place.

Selecting a Fence

Another very important reason why you should hire a fencing contractor is because they will help you select an appropriate fence based on your budget. They will discuss your requirements with you and help you select a suitable fence.


What Should You Know About Tree Surgeons

Many people know about the surgeons who work in hospitals and how they can operate on people who need the help. In fact, being a surgeon is often a highly respectable position to be in. However, what many people do not realise is that there is someone who takes care of these tasks for the world of trees. A tree surgeon will be more than willing to help you keep your trees at their best health possible. From pruning a tree to completely felling it and removing the stump, tree surgeons will work with you to solve any problems with your trees.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

When you contact a team of certified tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames, you might be wondering what exactly these professionals can do for you. For instance, tree surgeons can perform tasks such as:

  • Pollarding and pruning trees
  • Crown thinning and reductions
  • Tree felling and dismantling
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • And more

These services are designed to keep a tree as healthy as possible, which includes taking a tree down if it has reached the end of its life. Many people do not realise just how dangerous it is to have a dying tree on their property. Dying trees have the potential to collapse on your property, or possibly even your neighbour’s property. Nobody wants this to happen, making it all the more important for you to leave your trees in the hands of tree surgeons.

Why Should You Rely on a Tree Surgeon?

You should never attempt to dismantle a tree yourself, as it puts you at an even greater risk of damaging somebody’s property. Professionals are experienced in handling trees of all sizes. Whether you are looking for someone who can simply prune your tree or you need a professional who can remove a dying tree from your property, you can count on a tree surgeon.


Get the porta potty support you need

It is important to get everything in place for a construction project. If you are a project manager, then you know the value of ensuring that all the materials and support equipment you will need to complete the structure is where it needs to be well in advanced of when it needs to be there. Among the many items you will need to prioritize are those that have to do with the health and welfare of your construction crew.

Your people will be onsite all day every day. They will have to eat, rest, and even relieve themselves onsite. To facilitate the latter you must have port a potties rentals brought to the site. This is the only way that your people will be able to relieve themselves.

You must ensure that you rent the right number of porta potty units. The units you acquire should be the best in the industry; they should be made of sturdy and stern material. When your people go to do their business, they should not be made to feel uncomfortable. Nor should they be forced to wait in line because a number of the units you rented malfunctioned.

Few things are more demoralizing to a construction crew than porta potty units that do not work. That is why you must ensure that the company you work with offers only the most high quality units. And the porta potty rental company you work with should also offer first-rate service.

You want to work with a company that has proven itself in the field will ensure that you get the best product and service possible. You also want to work with a company that will offer a guarantee on the products they deliver. You should know that your porta potty will function as advertised, and that if you do encounter any problems the matter will be resolved expeditiously.

As the person in charge and responsible for all that goes on, you must ensure that your people have the right support they need. You must ensure that reasonable provision is made for your hardworking construction crews to relieve themselves when they need to. The only way you can do this is to work with a porta potty rental company that has earned a reputation for delivering excellent products and services.

No matter the phase of the project, you want to ensure that your people have everything they need to carry it out. Ordering your porta potty units well in advanced of the start date will make that happen—it will ensure that you are able to start and complete the project on time. You must also ensure that the porta potty company you work with offers you an extended warranty and service guarantee. The porta potty units must all be functional, and they must all be serviced and clean. You do not want to put the health of your work crews at risk by having dirty porta potties that no one ever sanitizes. The company you work with should see to all of this.

Are you managing a construction project? If you are looking for the right port a potties rental support, you need look no further. For more information please visit this site.


Tips for winter gardening

Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean your green fingers have to hibernate – take advantage of this season to catch up on tasks that were put off during the rest of the year. Whether it’s protecting plants from severe cold, decorating the garden, or planning for next year, there’s plenty to keep you busy while you wait for spring to arrive.

Project work

What are your goals for next year? Do you want to simplify so you can spend more time enjoying your garden? Tackle a big project? Whether you decide on a new pathway, fire pit, water feature or patio, get inspired with Rockery Stone at

Revamp your surroundings

Spruce up the garden using evergreen boughs and berries, or purchase them from your local nursery and create wreaths, garlands or arrangements to adorn entryways, winter-proof containers and window boxes. For winter planting we recommend that you choose plants and combinations that marry toughness, colour, and texture.

Grow your own

Greens such as lettuce, arugula and mustard, along with cold weather crops including kale and Swiss chard can be grown in a cloche or cold frame. Many root crops and brassicas can overwinter for a spring harvest.

Play with colours

There’s nothing like winter-blooming plants to lift your spirits during the colder months. Shrubs like flowering hazel, winter witch hazel and honeysuckle offer colour and fragrance at a time when you need it most. Early bulbs together with snowdrops, species crocus and winter aconite will even pop up through a shallow cover of snow, giving you hope that spring is not far away.

Look after nature

Make sure your feathered friends have a steady source of food and water so they’ll stay year-round to help with pest control and balancing your garden’s ecosystem. Place nesting homes by February if you would like to extend your bird population.

Prep prep prep

Start pruning trees and shrubs in late winter before they break dormancy. Make sure you do not prune early bloomers until after they have flowered as you will lose this season’s blooms.

Bring them indoors

Growing bulbs indoors such as paperwhite narcissus or amaryllis is a great way to keep your hands in the dirt and bring some living cheer into your home.

So grab your wellies and gardening gloves, and make your way to the garden – there are lots to do to keep you occupied this winter (and you’ll thank us in Spring).