Common Nursery Products You Should Know About


A plant nursery on the Gold Coast is a place where a variety of flora are cared for and sold. They’re different from regular stores in that the plants are fully grown before they’re offered to the customer. This means all you’ll have to do is replant the item in your desired location. They’re the go-to place for people who have commercial gardens, and those in the landscaping industry.

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Shrubs are woody plants with very hard stems. They are smaller than trees, and are usually 6 metres in height or under. Some can grow as small as 2 metres tall. They also have more stems and leaves. Some varieties can grow to full grown trees, given the right conditions. Others will stay small and dense.

Shrubs are often used as a natural wall around the perimeter of a garden. They can be trimmed to ensure they look neat. They respond well to pruning, as this stimulates the growth of new stems. This makes the foliage much denser. When maintained correctly, these can provide ample privacy for outdoor entertaining areas.

This type of plant also adds texture to the garden. Species with muted looks can provide a neutral background for more colourful plants and flowers. When trimmed at different heights, they can add an interesting aesthetic to the landscaping. In some cases – like that of lavender shrubs – they can function both as a design piece and an edible plant.


Groundcovers are plants that cover the entire area of your garden. They are an important part of landscaping. They don’t just serve to make the area look more natural. They also protect the topsoil from erosion. In very hot weather, they provide moisture to the soil to keep it from getting dry.

When used for aesthetic reasons, groundcover works to cover up any bare parts of the soil. This is common around trees, flowers and shrubbery that have been replanted in the area. Grass works to improve the appearance of the garden, making it look more natural overall.

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Author: Carrie Sze