Commonly used Door Locks on residential properties


Hiring a skilled and qualified locksmith is necessary when you face any sort of lock problems in your house or business. Many people still approach the local handyman to solve problems of complex and modern lock systems. They often cannot understand the intricacies involved in such modern locks. So, you need the help of a qualified and experienced locksmith. If you want to approach a locksmith to solve your problem, you must identify your need first. Read this article to get an idea about the most common door locks used for residential properties.

An essential part of residential properties

Each house and building requires door locks in order to ensure safety and security. People aware of the importance of having good door locks, but many of them are not knowledgeable about various door lock types. They usually go to the market and buy a suitable one for their door, or the carpenter buys one for them. Selecting the right door lock from the different lock types ensures more safety and security to your house.

Know different types of door locks for residential properties

Selecting the right type of door lock provides you many benefits. But you must have a basic understanding of different door locks available in the market for residential properties. It will help house owners and property managers to select the best one to use. 

Here are the most commonly used residential door locks:

  • Deadbolts

It is the most popular and commonly used door lock for residences. The main feature of this lock type is that it does not use spring-loaded mechanisms for the bolt. Deadbolts are among the most secure locks for residential properties.

  • Door Knob Locks

These easy-to-find doorknobs are best suited for interior purposes but not a good recommendation for external use because of its limited security.

  • Cylindrical Lever Locks

This door lock type is suitable not only for residential properties but also perfect for commercial settings. A good advantage of this lock is that it is easy to operate. But it is not a good option for the exterior doors of residences as this door type can attack easily and bypass without much effort.

  • Mortise Locks

Similar to the cylindrical lever locks, Mortise locks use widely in commercial properties. But these are perfect to use for residential properties. Intricate hardware is the main feature of this lock type that is usually mounted in the door. Mortise Locks are among the most reliable door locks for the safety and security of your house.

  • Euro Cylinder Locks

This type of lock is mostly used in European countries but not ideal for exterior doors as its body can be damaged easily.

  • Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

These are commonly used for residential properties for better access control. It can be locked and unlocked with the help of an electrical current.

Most of us face different lock problems in our life and need to search for qualified locksmiths during emergencies. Before approaching them to solve the lock issues, it is important to identify the exact lock need. Even most of us do not know different types of locks and the modern lock systems. An idea about different locks will help you to find the locksmith to fix your problem.

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