Don’t Let Your Boiler Burn Your Money: Here’s How to Defend Yourself Against Intensifying Energy Outlays


If you collected all of your energy bills from the past 12 months and did some simple arithmetic, you’d see that more than 50 percent of your outgoings flow through the boiler and directly out of your bank account.

This 50/50 split is a spot-on marker for every British tenant and householder, which is why you have to keep your nose to the grindstone and knuckle down to stem inefficient boiler mismanagement.

Basic Boiler Abatement

Before you ruminate the thought of recycling your old boiler and inducting a new ultramodern appliance, you should proceed through the following job sheet:

  1. Turning down the thermostat might seem as plain as the nose on your face, but have you ever quantified the effect of a single degree? If you err on the side of wearing sweaters and twist your knob from 18°C to 17°C, you’ll mow down your climate control budget by up to 12 percent.
  2. Take some time to rout out the filth and smut around your ventilation apertures. The airflow mechanism will ramp up its efficiency and reheat your primary living areas with less energy.
  3. The ever-present flame near the bottom of your boiler should feature a vibrant, vigorous blue hue for safe and potent combustion. If it’s any other colour, there is an underlying potency issue.

Additionally, make sure that the storage area housing the boiler is de-cluttered, organised, and unburdened by draught constraints.

The Ultimate Money Saver

Once you’ve taken care of this checklist, put your head together with a contractor that can perform qualified boiler servicing in Peterborough.

Your doyen will be able to complement the manual labour and consumption adaptations you’ve already performed by dismantling, cleaning, upgrading, and repairing the internal features of your boiler.