Don’t Want Custom Windows? Considering Other Cottage Window Options


Apart from being concerned about a home, Direct Pro suggests to take good care of their cottages as well. Whether the property has cottage-style or there is a cottage itself, the key is to always make the most of its aesthetics and install such components that can blend well with other parts. Don’t think that there should be one style and design instead, homeowners can create a combination to match with the rest of the property. Though, in order to create the traditional look with original architectural looks, cottage-style windows tend to be the best option.

While talking about the availability of options for cottage-style homes, it is recommended to search around and compare the benefits before making a choice. Just keep in mind that whatever option is chosen, it should last longer than expected.

Types of Windows

  • Divided Windows
  • Narrow Windows
  • Cottage Windows
  • Custom Windows

Obviously, for a cottage, nothing could be better than cottage windows. It’s just a matter of the architectural look that requires the windows with large bottom sash. The primary reason behind is aesthetics that should be maximum at any cost. Homeowners should remember than cottage windows operate just like normal double-hung windows and are available in vinyl or wood styles. When it comes to consistency in window selection, it’s ideal to go for the same style for every type.

Divided windows are perfect for a unique aesthetic appearance. They usually have wooden sections instead of glass pieces and are installed with crisscross patterns on the sash. Homeowners can go for single-hung or double-hung models, as per their property’s requirements.

Since cottage-style homes have large openings and narrow sides, it would be a bit difficult to find perfect replacement fit. In such situation, narrow windows turn out to be better as they can be placed next to each other to cover irregular openings.

However, if someone doesn’t like the traditional styles and designs, custom windows would work out in the way no other could. Their manufacturing depends upon the age of the home, condition of the components and time period of placement. They are particularly ideal option of homeowners who have an idea of windows and need to create uniqueness without considering the amount of investment.

Now the question arises which style to choose? Well, the key is to understand that there should be a compromise between functionality and visual appeal. For instance, living in a place whose climatic conditions are somewhat predictable, homeowners can afford to compromise durability but when it comes to living in a cottage country, it’s necessary not to compromise over windows’ ability to withstand weather conditions. Whatever be the requirements, vinyl windows always top the list or else, homeowners can go for custom windows to add any feature they want.