Everything you need to know about Ants


When people think about ants as pests, you cannot force everybody to agree.  Actually, ants are very helpful to the environment. They provide food for larger animals, and they promote the pollination of flowers.  Without ants, the ecosystem will not become complete. All over the world, there are about 10,000 species of ants known to man. A colony can consist of millions of ants within which they each have a queen, the female workers, and the male workers.

The queen ant is the most important member of the colony.  Without it, a colony can only survive in a few months.  A colony can barely replace nor reproduce a new queen because only she can reproduce and lay eggs.  Without its reign, a colony cannot survive.  The colony workers do not have wings like the queen does, but they have superhuman strength. One ant can carry 20 times its weight.  This allows them to carry food and carcass to feed the queen and their young.

Ant colonies have soldier ants that protect the queen, too. They attack whenever they feel threatened and they are responsible for looking for food and a new nesting place. Ants are commonly known as social insects because they have their own form of society. The queen ant can lay up to a million eggs, and she cannot take care of them all at once. Some of their members are responsible for taking care of the eggs and the newly-born young, gathering food solely for this purpose. There are also those who are responsible for building anthills and mounds.

If you are wondering how ants can breathe underground, they do not have lungs. Although they need oxygen, their bodies have pores that allow even the smallest oxygen levels in, and carbon dioxide out. Ants are very fast responders. The seeker of the colony leaves pheromones wherever he goes so his fellow members can follow him and gather food.

Ants only become pests once they have infested your home and can bring diseases and damage to your food and belongings. Some ants can bring diseases too, especially those who live in dirty places such as sewer lines and drain pipes. They become a host for parasites and bacteria which they bring into our home. Imagine once they crawl onto our utensils and destroy the packaging of our food. Who is to say that those ants do not carry illnesses with them?

Much like most insects, ants infest homes whenever the weather gets cold. They want to protect their queen and their young. Which is why they establish a home inside our house or beneath its structures. You may think that it is okay for ants to establish a habitat in the household, wait until you see the damage it can cost you once they get desperate for food. They can destroy the food packaging of your goods and destroy the compartments along with it. Whenever they have the chance, they infest appliances and other gadgets, causing damage to the tiny wirings of those devices.

Ants are capable of surviving almost anywhere, so long there is food, water, and shelter. Nonetheless, there are professional exterminators in Lake Norman and other parts of the country to help you get rid of these pesky insects from your home.