Having Minor Repairs on your Double Glazing


We have all jumped on the double-glazing wagon many years ago, and for many UK homeowners, their warranty has either expired, or the company has gone out of business. This can make minor repairs difficult, but with window repair near me in Gravesend, any double-glazing issues can quickly be dealt with.

Table of Contents

Common Faults

Once replacement double glazed windows and doors age, various issues arise, which include the following:

  • Hinge malfunction – The cantilevered joints wear away, making it difficult to open and close the window, and these can easily be replaced by your local window repair centre.
  • Broken Seal – The double-glazed units are hermetically sealed and should the seal be compromised, there will be mist and condensation forming in the inner surfaces. The repair company will take precise measurements and create a perfect replacement, which can be fitted without removing the window or door.
  • Lock Malfunction – This could be due to corrosion over the years, and with lack of lubrication, the lock can easily become stuck. In some cases, it is better to replace the lock, which is something your local window repair centre can handle.
  • Tracking Mechanism – Sliding patio doors can suffer with this condition, and usually, the doors are very difficult to open or close. The expert would remove the door panel and check whether the tracking mechanism is faulty or there might be an obstruction that needs to be removed.

All of the above are common issues that arise with double-glazing, and should you have any problems, make contact with your local window repair specialist.