Home Security Tips to Make Sure Your Pets and Children Stay Safe

Home Security

According to the FBI in 2018 alone, at least 1.2 million burglaries took place in the US. Burglaries increase every day and they’ve always been a risk, but when you’re a parent of children and pets, not having a secure house can be dangerous in more ways than one. Not only would an unsecured house be vulnerable to an intruder, but a child or pet could also potentially escape the house when you aren’t looking. No matter how well you think you watch your kids (both human and four-legged) it’s always best to go the extra mile and secure your home perfectly to protect them! We are going to be going over 5 ways, you can do, just that.

5 Home Security Tips For People With Pets and Children

  1. Switch out the locks when you move in

Even if the landlord or the previous owners of your home tell you that they’ve given you all the keys, you can’t really be sure. People get spares made all the time to hand over to cleaning people, friends, family members, dog sitters, etc. No matter how trustworthy someone seems, it’s important that you get the locks changed so only you have the keys to your home. This is something extremely important and shouldn’t be done as a DIY job. It’s fairly easy to find a good locksmith. For example, if you’re in the Chicago area, just google “Locksmith Chicago” and call over the one with the highest rating. You could also ask in the area to see if your community has a preferred locksmith and go for them! Either way, change the locks before you’ve moved in to ensure no one else has access to your home.

  1. Keep the doors locked at all times

Many people who have a yard or just go in and out of the house throughout the day tend to leave their doors unlocked because it just seems like an unnecessary hassle to keep locking and unlocking the doors. Plus, the common thought is that “broad daylight is safe”, but it isn’t. Anyone can enter your home in the daytime too! Also, if you have multiple entries to the home, any children or pets can accidentally get out too. Keeping the doors locked keeps the danger at bay!

  1. Get motion lights

The intruders that prefer to attack at night do so because they get to hide in the darkness. Even if you have a few regular lights outside of your home, it can be pretty easy to avoid them if someone wants to. Getting motion lights are a great idea because you will be able to pick up any movement around your home. Be it an intruder or a super silent pet escape. This way you will be able to act fast before things take a turn for the worst.

  1. Slide proof the sliding doors and windows

Children learn things very quickly, and now, pets are adapting to the way of human living too. It doesn’t take either of them very long to just slide those smooth sliding doors and windows open and escape the house. The worst part is that these are usually super silent too, so chances are that you won’t even hear the door slide and by the time you realize it’s open, your child or pet is already gone from the home or an intruder has already made their way in. An easy fix is to slide proof them by using rods or a piece of wood in the tracks to keep them from opening unless you want them to open.

  1. Get a smart home security system installed

Along with everything else we have already mentioned, it’s important to have some sort of a smart home security system installed in your home. It could be something as simple as a doorbell camera or elaborate enough to cover the entire home. Therefore you should visit bestwirelesssecuritycamera.com and buy the best security cameras for your house. For parents, having cameras inside the home might be a great idea because you can keep an eye on the entire home directly from your phone. This would work whether you’re at home or not! Making sure that nothing goes past you!

Securing your home, especially when you have children and pets in the house is essential. From our tips, you will be able to get an idea about how taking a few simple steps can make a world of a difference when it comes to home security. These 5 things will make sure no one unauthorized gets their foot in, or out of your home without your permission, and your home will be a lot safer to live in, for you and your family!