How to Best get a Loft Conversion in Surrey


Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add space and value to a home. They can be used for bedrooms, playrooms, entertainment rooms or as office space and transform small houses in to family homes. They are cost effective versus conservatories for added space and many buyers have come to expect loft space as part of a sale nowadays in Surrey and other cities in the world. If you are thinking about getting one, then good for you – they really are fantastic. Let us see the things you need to consider in order to get a loft conversion in Surrey.

Do you really want a conversion?

They have the potential to dramatically change the layout of a home. Before taking the plunge in to converting always talk to trusted friends and relatives about it, to get a good all round opinion on the way forward. SurreyLofts can help you decide if you need a loft conversion or not.

Now you need to do your research

After deciding you definitely want a loft conversion carry out research in to potential companies. The best way to do this – like many things in 2018 – is through the Internet on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Type – loft conversion and your location in to the search field to draw a list of relevant companies who provide the services that you are after.

Look for portfolios and images to help you decide

Once you have rounded up a number of good looking loft companies try to find examples of past work carried out. This way you can assess the quality of work also read testimonials from clients. If you are after a specific look with your loft conversion this is a good way of finding out whether they will be able to meet specification.

Arrange a home visit

In order to get a solid quote for your loft conversion you need to arrange a home visit. The best way of doing this is to call the loft conversion companies that you like. The best companies will visit your home free of charge and also provide a free estimate of cost. If you ring a few companies, you can compare prices and also face-to-face professionalism.

Decide on a company in Surrey

By now you will have already done the most vital thing, you will not have put all of your eggs in one basket. You should now have a good idea of the cost of your loft conversion and the time scale it will take. From this, draw up the cons and pros of each home visit and decide on a company. When doing so, also take in to account the research initially carried out and check for happy testimonials from clients.

Work begins

When you have decided on a company you simply need only to ring them and work will begin on a specified time frame. This will give you chance to arrange any external living accommodation needed for the duration and give the loft creation company chance to fully survey your property in Surrey.