Kinds of Wedding Invitations


There are different kinds of wedding invitations that are sent out and the wedding invitations usually reflect the style of the couple getting married as well as the kind of wedding which one can expect.

Types of wedding invitations at DreamDay Invitations

Formal invitations

There are classic invitations which are very formal. These are formally worded as well as the design and the entire look of the invitation is conservative. Usually, when a couple has a formal invitation card, the wedding is a very formal affair as well.

Semi-formal invitations

The semi-formal invitations are usually sent out when the couple desires to have a more formal kind of a wedding – like a black tie sort of a wedding, but they do not want to look stuffy or old fashioned. They add their own spin to it and so decide on it is semi-formal.

Contemporary invitations

There are contemporary invitations which are sent by couples who want a more intimate and friendly affair. This is usually sent in the type and style of the couple themselves. These invitations are usually worded in an extremely informal method and read in the tone of voice which would be used by the couple themselves.


In today’s world more and more people are opting against using paper for invitations as not only are paper invitations more expensive to make, any corrections are laborious, time-consuming and include added expense. There is more cost involved in posting the invitations as well as the labour involved in writing the names and addresses of each of the invitees. E-invitations are also chosen by those that are environmentally friendly and want to do their bit to protect the environment. These can also be designed exactly as the couple wants, and they can even do it themselves rather than have someone else design it for them.

These are some of the types of wedding invitations.