Kitchen Design Trends Of 2017


It has been an exciting year for kitchen design, with a number of trends proving to be very popular in 2017. The kitchen is often viewed as the most valuable room in the entire home, on both a financial and personal level. It is the room in the home where consumers spend the most money on home appliances,, and it is also the space in the home where family’s and groups of housemates congregate together the most, either cooking together, dining together, or relaxing. If you are in the market for a new kitchen, what have the exciting kitchen trends of 2017 been so far, and how can you incorporate them into your own dream kitchen?

The Furniture Aspect of a Kitchen

There have been a number of changes in kitchen design style from previous years, with quartz worktops seeing a significant rise in popularity in the run up to 2017 and into it. This shift from laminate surfaces to a more modern, sleek design really adds a touch of elegance to most kitchens. For many kitchen owners the design they really want to have is that of the industrial, Scandinavian feel that we’ve come to expect from hipster restaurants and the like. The design offers minimalist furniture, exposes pipes and brickwork and simple surfaces. The simple design also lends itself to the trend of handle-less kitchen units, providing a linear, modern feel to any kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Space

The mood this year has definitely been one of clutter free kitchen spaces and food preparation areas, with storage design a key part of this aspect of the central hub of the home. Home cooks desire that space that is completely free and open for them to calmly prepare food and this has led to design trends for storage space that provide clear worktops and surfaces. Hidden storage also creates an apparent larger kitchen space to the natural eye.

Modern Kitchen Technology

The trend for modern kitchen appliances continues at a fast pace, with integrated wireless speakers, Bluetooth functionality and pop up charger sockets all the rage. We’re now also experiencing a proliferation of app controlled kitchen appliances, from your fridge to your kettle, allowing the modern person to order a cup of team made prior to even getting out of bed! The future is here!

Cooker Options

We shouldn’t forget about the reason a kitchen is a kitchen however, and therefore what have the design trends for 2017 told us about the humble oven? In a dream scenario, homeowner want to have a range cooker as a central part of their kitchen. The range cooker provides owners with the ability to cook large meals, a desirable attribute for those with big family’s or with a desire to cook for many people and have gatherings in the home.

As you can see there have been a few changes with the modern kitchen design trends. Modern appliances and app-led functionality bring the future, whilst range cookers continue to offer a traditional aspect of the cooking experience at home