Lava stone sink is the best choice for the environment

stone sink

Consider the impact of the bathroom remodelling on the environment. All the debris may seem irrelevant, nonetheless, if you multiply it by millions of remodels every year it adds up to quite a terrifying number.

We have no doubts that people who own our sinks are generally happier people. Those happy customers invite nature to their interiors and they don’t look back, really. It does not matter whether the water enters the rock or leaves it, together these forces of nature work in a perfect harmony!

Apart from personal preferences, it is also known that natural stone sinks are more eco-friendly than common ceramic sinks. Nature will be happy to accept the natural stone back, but it will not be happy to receive a ceramic sink that is hard to recycle. For over 15 years, every year we deliver dozens of rock sinks and bathtub to individual interior design projects, private homes and distributor networks on almost all continents.

Stone Sink:

Do natural stone sinks have any flaws? Some of them certainly do, but if they happen to be unaesthetic it is the duty of our team and Quality Control personel to reject such a sink and give it back to the nature. Our brand relies on only the best quality natural stone items which, believe it or not, is a very rare procedure! Lux4home™ was once called a very efficient filter that only delivers stone sinks and bathtubs that are first quality.
The stone used to produce these sinks is basalt, hence why they are sometimes referred to as lava stone vessel sinks. It is generally more reliable than granite sinks as basalt is often considered as more solid rock.

River Stone Countertop Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Over 15 years of experience in Natural Stone Sink industry has made our team the experts on the subject. There are no mysteries for us in the technical aspect of these products. We never let our customers down – regardless if you need a single piece or a full container. Get in touch with us and let us find a great piece of stone sink or bathtub together. Join hundreds of satisified customers of ours and benefit from easy maintenance but spectacular looking river rock sinks.