Looking for a New Driveway? Look No Further Than Block Paving


You’ve probably noticed some stunning driveways as you go about your daily business, and it is likely they are block paved, which has so much to offer the UK homeowner. Aside from the wide range of colours, you can create symmetrical patterns using different shades, and by looking at local driveways in Leeds, you will realise there’s no limit to design.

The Benefits

Block paving brings with it the following benefits:

  • Durable and Hardwearing.
  • Permeable surface that doesn’t retain water.
  • Range of Attractive Colours and Patterns.
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Non-Slip Surface – In wet and dry conditions.
  • Can Withstand Heavy Vehicles – Your caravan will not be an issue.

Professional Installation

Like most things, the secret to a first rate block paving driveway lies in the preparation, which would include creating a porous concrete base, upon which a bed of sand is laid, followed by the blocks. The old surface, tarmac or slabs, would have to be removed, and if drainage is an issue, the installers might decide to put in some drainage prior to creating the base.

Creative Solutions

When you make contact with a local block paving expert, ask to see a few images of their previous projects, which will give you an idea on the varied designs that are available. Keeping the driveway clean is easy, with a power wash every few weeks that will restore the surface to its original state. Oil stains can quickly be removed, and as the blocks are tightly packed, there are no joins to worry about.

Talk to your local block paving specialist today and see what he can do for you.