Protect your Business Premises with Manned Security


We all read the local newspapers and watch the news, which tells us that crime is on the rise, and with so many homes now protected with CCTV, the thieves are turning their attention to business premises. Construction sites are particularly at risk, mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Vacant after 6pm
  • Expensive tools are stored
  • Abundance of building materials

CCTV might be a good deterrent, yet for the building site that has no human presence outside of working hours, there is a very real risk of on-site theft.

Manned Guards

With affordable and reliable manned guarding services in Manchester and surrounding areas, you can rest assured that nothing will go missing, and the service can be tailored to meet your requirements. Here are just a few situations where manned guarding is required:

  • Construction sites
  • Retail premises
  • Car parks
  • Event security

A Professional Approach

By hiring a manned security team who will work to your instructions, you have no security concerns, and by tailoring the service to suit the client, you are only paying for things you actually need. You might, for example, prefer to have your premises visited every 30 minutes, rather than having a manned presence around the clock, or you might wish to have manned security at the entrance to your business premises and have every vehicle recorded going in and coming out.

If you have any commercial security needs, call your local manned security provider, who can make sure that your business is safe and protected at all times.