Roof Maintenance Checklist


Although your roof is the sturdiest structure in your home, it’s also the most exposed and takes the brunt of punishment from the elements. As a result, roofs require comprehensive inspections and roof maintenance throughout the year. In this post, Napolitano Roofing shares the top items that should be on your roofing inspection and maintenance checklist.

Inspection Priorities

Roofing issues aren’t always obvious at a glance, and keeping your eyes open gives you only an inkling of what might be going on over your head. The most obvious signs to look out for are buckling, curling or blistering shingles. Wear and tear that manifests on the shingles indicate that the component is nearing the end of its service life, and is no longer functioning as well as it once did. Cracked caulk and rust spots on the flashing are also warning signs that your roof is in need of maintenance. Cracked caulk can be especially dangerous since it makes repairs more difficult if left unaddressed. The same goes for rusted flashing; if you see this should your local roofers to replace it as soon as possible to prevent water intrusion.

Preventive Maintenance

As for maintenance, what you should be doing is regular preventive maintenance. It’s different from reactive maintenance because you’re looking for potential problem areas and addressing them as soon as possible, not simply addressing something after the fact. A good example is a small leak. These small issues can grow in size in a matter of weeks. By addressing them when they’re still small, you keep them from becoming bigger and more expensive problems in the future. When it comes to professional roofing and siding services, Napolitano Roofing is your trusted provider. They offer comprehensive roof maintenance services in East Hartford and Vernon, CT, as well as the surrounding areas.