Spring – The Time for Building Maintenance


Your home has survived another crippling British winter, and now is the time to inspect the property, looking for signs of damp and damage. We have more than our fair share of storms in the UK, which is another reason to look for building issues, which would include the following:

  • The Roof – High winds can easily dislodge roof shingles, and if this goes unnoticed, water will seep into the roof’s interior. The guttering also needs to be cleaned out, and with experienced builders in Bristol at your service, the roof can be inspected in less than one hour and any repairs promptly carried out.
  • The Walls – Check thoroughly for signs of damp, which can be the result of blocked guttering, and if the walls need painting, this is something you can schedule in the coming months.
  • The Plumbing – Check all water pipes for signs of leaks or corrosion and include looking under the kitchen and bathroom sink, where corrosion can be an issue. If there are strange noises coming from the drains, you might have a partial blockage, something your local plumber can fix.
  • Central Heating Service – The boiler has been working non-stop throughout the cold winter months and it definitely needs a service, so call out your local heating engineer. The entire system should be inspected by a heating engineer, while replacing any worn parts.

You should closely inspect the outside of the building and carry out prompt repairs, and with that completed, you can turn your attention to the garden.