Tips on Protecting Your Solar Panels From Pigeons


In past years, solar panels have grown in popularity. However, the harm incurred by birds and that you will finally call a competent solar panel proofing team is what solar panel installers don’t tell you.

The best advice for keeping your solar panels away from insect birds, such as pigeons, will therefore be shared in this post. The key tips are to scrub your solar panels, artificial birds of prey, mesh, and spikes. So let’s understand how each step works and could help.

Get your solar panels safe

The most successful way to discourage birds from breeding in the first place under your solar panels is to keep them clean. This would require you to get a long pole tied to the end with a sponge. You can get some soap, a cleaner, and a brush to support you on your journey if you buy a cleaning kit specially designed for solar panels.

You should wipe the area carefully first. Be sure that the cleaning is not too aggressive, as solar panels are brittle. If you remember to periodically clean your panels and remove any dirt build-up, your panels can work for longer and hopefully keep birds away from the area.

This is a basic kind of approach, and it probably wouldn’t work much if you already have a pigeon epidemic.

Fake Prey Birds

Not very well known is this technique of scaring birds away from your solar panels. Birds living under solar panels are wary of birds of prey, such as pigeons and gulls. It could therefore help to buy fake birds of prey statues and position them around the city. These are sold through Amazon and other sites on the internet. This is not the most successful way of avoiding birds, though.


If you have a bird problem already, so consider using mesh across the sides of the solar panels. As the field will be closed off, this will deter birds for good, causing them to


The second favorite choice will be spiked. This humane method of preventing the breeding of birds under solar panels would block entry to the field by the birds. Bird spikes should be ordered from specialized businesses and should be of the finest quality. It recommends investing only in high-quality spikes that do not modify color or rust. This will keep your investment in solar panels protected from insect birds.


Overall, as constructive approaches to avoid birds breeding, the first two tips should be used. If birds are still present, however, tips 3 and 4 should do the job! Solar panels can become less powerful over time because of the build-up of bird debris and droppings. You can always get the services for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels through PPSP in the UK. If necessary, they will clear dead pigeons, nests and debris from your solar panels, ensure that all the traces and evidence of the pigeons is absolutely gone, and keep any debris from falling from your roof.