Ways To Dispose Of Kitty Litter For Cat Owners


It has always been a daily challenge for cat lovers and owners to get rid of their beloved pet’s litter. Making sure that the house smells clean as well as the method of keeping the litter away depends on the preference of the owner. There are different ways to dispose of litter such as scooping it out, placing it in a plastic bag or throwing it in the trash.

Just make sure that you wear a surgical mask to prevent inhaling litter particles and observe proper waste disposal by hiring a professional rubbish disposal company to get rid of your trash. Visit this site https://extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au/ for affordable rubbish disposal services.

  • Scoop The Litter In Plastic Bags

Though scooping litter in plastic bags may not be the most hygienic method, it is an easy and fast way to get litter out of your house immediately. Once scooped, avoid placing the litter in a litter cabinet as it will only generate an unpleasant smell and make your home seem unsanitary and dirty. Always use a surgical mask to avoid inhaling small particles which could lead to respiratory complications or problems. Also, clean the scooper as soon as possible after you are done. Such a method is very effective for clumping litter like clay as it is easy to scoop out.

  • Throw The Litter In The Trash

Throwing litter in the trash has been practiced by most pet owners around the globe and is considered as one of the easiest methods of litter disposal. However, throwing the litter in a trash can together with other types of garbage is not recommended because the trash inside a home will generate an unpleasant smell. Make sure that your litter trash does not stay in your home for more than a day and to check whether your local government allows this in disposal requirements. Also, always hire an expert rubbish removal Castle Hill to get rid of the different types of rubbish in your home and efficiently segregate them.

  • Use The Litter For Gardening

Cat litter that contains wheat are biodegradable and can be utilized in gardens or farms. It is also very effective in preventing animals from feeding on your plants because the odor of cat excrement keeps them away. Decomposing cat litter and using it as manure is an effective technique for cat owners with a garden patch in their homes. Also, cat litter can be buried if you have a spacious backyard. Just make sure that the hole is not too shallow as it could be taken away by rainwater.

  • Flush It Down The Toilet

Another method used to get rid of litter is through flushing it down the toilet. However, it is not suitable for all kinds of litter as it may cause your toilet to clog. The owner should ensure first that the litter is flushable or contain properties like wheat or corn, which is not absorbent and does not clump. Also, you should only flush a little at a time to prevent problems in plumbing. Take note that silica gel and clay litter should never be flushed down the toilet because they are highly absorbent and will cause your toilet to clog.

Final Word

Disposing cat litter can be hard and rigorous work at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it once you find the right method to use in your home. Always observe high levels of hygiene when disposing of cat litter and watch out for scattered and fine litter particles that can affect your health. Some people even often poop cleaning services as well as pet daycare. If you are interested in starting your own pet business, you can find experts, like The Enlighted Leaders, to help you in your digital marketing strategy.