What are tabs and what are their types?

Lifting and transporting some loads often requires the use of special hooks. This type of equipment allows for appropriate distribution of attachment points, which greatly facilitates the transport, especially of large-size loads. There are many types of hooks (or slings) available on the market. The following article provides a brief overview of the types of these types of accessories, their uses, and some tips for selecting a hook. We invite you to read!

Types of slings and their characteristics

What are tabs and what are their types? The hooks are equipment that constitutes additional equipment of lifting devices (including cranes, cranes, gantry and gantry cranes. Their task is to suspend or support the transported load in several points. The hooks are used primarily on construction sites, but also in industry.

There are many divisions of this type of equipment. The most popular of them is the classification in terms of the material of the tendons. From this point of view, the following slings are distinguished:

  • chain slings – they are characterized by very high resistance to difficult working conditions (mainly mechanical damage),
  • linear slings – they are the most frequently used group of fasteners in industry. This group includes crimped and braided slings.
  • webbing slings – they are made of straps made of polyester material. They are characterized by high durability.
  • hose slings – made of materials that do not cause mechanical damage to the surfaces of the loads being carried.

In addition, there is another popular classification of lugs. On its basis, one-leg, two-leg, three-leg and four-leg catches are distinguished. In addition, the described accessories can also be divided according to the method of fastening the transported load to them. These are, among others, slings: grab, hook, jaw, self-clamping or fork.

What is the best way to choose the right hooks?

The selection of the appropriate fasteners is extremely important as it determines the efficient transport of loads and, above all, the safety of employees. The purchase of this type of products must also be considered in terms of their future applications, as different types of hooks are suitable for the transport of different goods. Some hooks are also better suited to strictly defined conditions. It is worth taking this aspect into account, because the appropriate selection of this equipment will ensure its long and trouble-free operation.

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