What are the problems that can be caused by poor installation of windows?


A lot of homeowners make the very important decision of getting the windows upgraded. This enables you to not only increase the value of your house but also enhance energy efficiency. This ultimately helps in saving on your bills.

However, it is pertinent to note that upgraded windows can only help in achieving such benefits if installed by qualified professionals. If windows are installed improperly, it can cause a variety of problems. Following are some of the major problems that can result due to poor installation of windows:

Opening and closing problems

This problem can be a major one, however, it may not come to notice for a while. If a proper installation is not done, the windows may get stuck while you are opening and closing them. Further, it can even jam altogether. This is an indication that the mechanical components of the windows are damaged and need urgent repair. It can possibly be due to the rust on the hinges which needs to be lubricated.

Extra fog

Condensation is a common thing. However, if condensation is happening in the absence of rain, then this may be something to be concerned about. If the condensation is happening inside the panes, then it may occur due to structural problems. Possibly, it can be a problem with the installation. Excessive condensation needs to be treated by professionals. You should inform them of the moisture and other signs. They can perhaps re-install the windows properly. You can get to know about qualified professionals on klarwindows.co.uk.

Stains on glass

If there are excessive stains of the window glass and it also translates into discoloration, then it can be a problem due to poor installation of the windows. This problem can subsist for a longer period of time. Particularly, yellowish coloration on the windows can be an indication. In such a case, you can call professionals who will properly get the window structure installed.

Uneven structure

This is perhaps the most common problem which occurs as a result of poor window installation. The windows are supposed to fit neatly in the structure of the frame. Professionals while fixing the windows ensure that proper sealing is done. If the sealing is not done properly, it can result in an uneven structure. This even compromises the insulation of the windows. Therefore, it is imperative that proper installation is done in order to avoid any problems associated with the uneven structure of the windows.

Extra energy consumption

This is something that a lot of homeowners are not aware of. If the windows are not installed properly, it can result in additional energy consumption. Poor installation means that the heat can easily escape the house. This can have a major detrimental impact on the bills. It is imperative that windows are installed properly to keep the house highly energy efficient. Otherwise, it can cause you to pay a great deal of money which could have been saved.