What Exactly Is Meant by A Granny Flat


What is commonly known as a “granny flat” is some kind of addition to someone’s home or grounds which provides temporary or lasting lodgings for any guests.

  • An addition of this kind is referred to by this term because it is not unusual for somebody’s elderly parents to live with their married children in their later years.

Overall, the type of design for such flats allows for both the children and the parent(s) to enjoy an amount of independent while at the same time still be in closeness to each other.

  • These modular buildings in Perth, have now become more popular than ever nowadays.

A Range of Choices

There are various choices regarding the building of a granny flat. The most popular arrangement usually involves one being added on to an already existing home. The flat itself commonly has all of the basic necessities of living quarters, as in a living space, bedroom, and bathroom.

  • Some other designs may feature a kitchenette, and even a laundry room as part of the floor plan.

A detached granny flat can also be built, whereas a small cottage is constructed on the grounds. The cottage is fully equipped with all mod cons needed by the parent.

All depending on one’s needs, this type of home might be close to the main building and linked via a covered catwalk, or built at a distance and connected by way of a footpath.


There are some folk who choose to convert an upper or lower floor into a granny flat. This type of plan is extremely beneficial in cases where there is very little available space to work with and a ground floor addition or a detached dwelling is just not possible.

  • Via this method, a whole floor is fitted out with plumbing and other amenities required to make the area comfortable and inviting.

Establishing the perfect granny flat, house plans will involve the consideration of both the physical restraints of the current property and the personal inclination of the family.

As much as it can be made possible, any kind of plans should make it conceivable for all family members to interact easily, but at the same time also allow every family member the chance  to have some private time to themselves.

 Way to Go

Whatever granny flat floor plan is decoded upon, it is essential to ensure that the design and building is in line with all local building codes. And, depending on the type of the building, you may have to obtain permission from neighbours to build nearer to property lines or request building permits from the local government.

Prior to the start of any kind construction, it is in your best interests to check out local requirements and make sure that you comply with them at every stage of the building process.

If you are interested in a granny flat in Perth, simply go online and by using a search engine you will be well on your way!