What is a Wayfinding System?

Wayfinding System

Wayfinding system is a type of signage which helps you direct from point A to point B. It also confirms your progress along the route. By definition, a wayfinding system is a bit different from information or advertising signage.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Following are the main categories of wayfinding signage:

  • Directional signage

This is the type of sign that tells you the way. For instance, an arrow pointing in a straight direction letting you know this is the way you are supposed to go.

  • Conformational signage

This is the type of sign that confirms you are on the right path. For example, a sign saying you are 5 minutes’ walk away from Gate 10. Such signs are usually found on the airport. They let you know how further your destination is and along with that, you become certain that you are on the right path.

  • Information signage

It’s another form of wayfinding signage. The purpose of this sign is to guide the user by providing them information. This information is usually pertinent to the route.

Importance of a Good Wayfinding System

Wayfinding signs are particularly used for problem-solving. It is actually really useful to know where your building is, where you are headed and how to get to that building from your current location. If you are new to a place, this information can save you a lot of trouble. Architectural clues, sight lines and lighting are some important design principles that make the wayfinding system effective. Why? Because users rely on this information to make the decision and reach their destination without asking for help from others around. A wayfinding system is ineffective if a user is unable to make the right decision. Sometimes, users don’t even have enough information to make a choice. A poor wayfinding system is not just problematic for the user but the building itself. Users have to devote their time to search their desired location. People will hence have to rely on your staff to direct them towards their destination. This would waste the time of your staff, too. When a user has a frustrating experience, he will not return to the place again. This is why it is crucial to have a wayfinding system with the best features in place. When users have a positive experience reaching their destination, they will come back again.

Developing a successful wayfinding system is hence an investment that will bring great ROI to your business. You need to realize this that wayfinding is more than just a signage. It is actually a way through which your target audience will reach you. The sign is not developed after the construction of the site is complete. In fact, the wayfinding decision takes place when the developer is evaluating and selecting the project site. The wayfinding profile is defined by the parks, services, and retail store near the building along with its proximity to transit. Therefore, your job is to easily explain new visitors to reach the destination from their location.