What is Tile roofing, and what are the advantages of it?


Tile roof is house exterior designers trend – give the home the traditional look from the locally available materials. The tile roof is made from clay, terracotta, ceramic, concrete, and slate tiles. Each tile is secured in the roof using nails. It is worked from the bottom of the lower part of the roof to the top by overlapping the rows of tiles over the first one.

The modern tiles come with a waterproof glaze and provide the house with rainwater getting inside. S Elder Roofing has been offering new tiled roofing options in Kirkcaldy for many years that enhance the visual appearance and added value for the property. The tile roof is a great choice for making the house look beautiful, rich, and classy from out. It also has many functional benefits and hence is a popular choice for the durability, energy efficiency, and longevity it offers. Check for the major advantages of the tiled roof that are listed below:


Tile roofs come with the lowest life cycle cost of any other type of roofing material. It has been used for centuries and still enduring modern houses with class. It is fire resistant and can withstand high winds. Tiled roofs are the added layer of protection that is built in the house. It assures strength, is tough, water-shedding out shell, and has the underlayment that works as the extra shield for the building. When the tiles are installed properly, the concrete and clay tiles can withstand the hailstone as large as 1-2 inches.


The roof tiles are available in a wide array of colors ranging from the lighter shades to the dark and multi-colored. The colored tiles help in easy co-ordination of the roof with the exterior colors.

Roof tiles colour can be matched with the architectural styling of the building, and designed to reflect the traditional barrel style, wood or slate.

Increase Value

With the beauty combined with the functionality, the tiled roof helps the house owners for a better and faster sale when compared to other materials such as asphalt shingle. The roof lasts longer for hundreds of years, and hence is the cheapest long term roofing material that you could find.

Environmental friendly

The material used in tile – clay, concrete, and ceramic is easily recycled. It does not deplete limited natural resources and does not have any chemical preservatives. All waste can be recycled and nothing goes into the landfills, pollute the air, water or earth.


The space between each tile of the roof helps in natural ventilated. It offers insulation, and provides a cooling effect for the house during the summer, and keeps the temperature inside to be warmer in the winter.

Installation and maintenance

Tile roofs are easy to install, by racking the tiles from the lower part of the roof to the upper portion, one above the other. Hiring professionally trained experts will assure that the installation is done accurately. The installation d maintenance cost, in the long run, are lower than other roof materials. The tiles are the easiest to repair as well.