Why Get a Loft Conversion in London?


Thinking of getting a loft conversion in London? The prospect of getting such extensive renovations to your home in London may seem daunting, yet most people find their loft conversion more than worthwhile.

After all, London property prices are far from cheap, so every square metre of property makes the difference, leading many to invest in loft conversions to make the most of all their property space. That’s not all however, as there are several reasons why getting a loft conversion in London is a great idea!

More Space

Perhaps the biggest reason to get a loft conversion in London is to get more space in your home. Property prices in London are the highest anywhere in the country, so the more space you need the more it costs.

So, because many people living in London eventually need additional space, they are forced to pay extortionate fees to buy a bigger home. A loft conversion offers additional space in a property at a fraction of the cost of buying a larger property.

Increase Property Value

While certainly an expensive renovation, a good loft conversion in London is likely to add significant value to the property. For example, research indicates that a loft conversion can increase property value by up to 20%.

So, the cost of the loft conversion is high but it has the potential to pay for itself by giving a return on investment when selling the property. In terms of home renovations, nothing adds as much value for such a relatively low investment as a loft conversion.

No Need to Move Homes

Moving homes because you need an additional room is a nightmare but something many need to do. Considering how costly moving is and the price of property in London, most people that need more space would probably like to remain where they are. A loft conversion allows just that.

As mentioned, a loft conversion adds a lot new space to a property without needing an extension, making it much more affordable and usually less hassle compared to moving homes. You also don’t sacrifice any valuable space elsewhere – such as the garden – to gain the extra space.

Bespoke Design

The great thing about a loft conversion is how versatile the design options are. While the size and layout of the loft will influence what design choices are available, a loft conversion is a completely new room so is built to your exact preferences.

For example, you can choose to add skylights or massive windows to flood the room with light, create a second bathroom, or adding a gorgeous Juliet balcony. In any case, you’re in complete control of the design of the loft conversion, ensuring it is designed in the exact way you want it.