Why you Should Have your Roof Cleaned


The roof is the most important component of any structure, and thanks to the harsh British climate, the surfaces quickly become dirty and tainted. Not only does this make your home look a little shabby, it also can see the onset of problems, and with moss growing, comes disease and mold. If you call in a specialist roof cleaning contractor, they can restore your roof to its original state, which will transform the look of the property.

Blocked Guttering

If your roof has overhanging tree branches, dead leaves and twigs will soon gather in the guttering, and once a blockage occurs, rainwater will run down the exterior walls, which results in plaster and brick damage. Cleaning out the guttering and downpipes will ensure that rainwater has a channel to escape, and this will ensure that all is well.

What Does a Roof Clean Involve?

A roof clean would include the following:

  • Moss removal
  • Cleaning out guttering and downpipes
  • Power washing the roof
  • Cleaning the fascia and flashing

With quality roof cleaning services in Bordon, you can book a cleaning session for any day that is convenient, and once the roof has been cleaned, the company can also apply a special roof sealant, which will protect the roof and prolong its life.

Your home is the biggest single investment you will ever make, and it makes sense to maintain your investment with regular building maintenance. Call your local roof cleaning service today and let them give your roof a new lease of life.