A Basic Guide to Tiling


Nothing beats a professionally installed wall of tiling, with perfect symmetry and a contrasting grout, and if you are about to revamp your kitchen or bathroom and tiling is on the menu, here is a short guide on how to install tiles correctly.

The Right Tools & Equipment

Prior to starting work, you should have all of the following:

  • Tile cutter – electric or manual.
  • Spirit level – to ensure symmetry.
  • Adhesive and grout.
  • Mixing containers.
  • Grout sponge
  • Several plastic buckets
  • Tile spacers – essential to maintain an even finish.

Other implements needed are a rubber hammer and an adhesive trowel, which will ensure an even coating. Double check that you have enough tiles (always add a few in case of breakages) and that you have a clear area to work in.

If you neither have the time, nor the inclination to do it yourself, there are affordable Tilers in Kensington and Chelsea who will make short work of your project.

The Right Application

You are probably thinking it can’t be difficult to lay tiles, and you’d be right, providing you work to a system and have everything at hand. When applying the adhesive, never cover more than a single square metre, which gives you more than enough time to cover that area, and by working methodically, using the spacers, you can move along the wall or floor as you go.

Tiling is an art and like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get! The Internet can help you find video tutorials that show you step by step directions for correct tile placement, and with a little application, there’s no reason your tiling will look any different to a professional job.