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Nan Inc. – Hawaii’s Construction King

You will come across only a few construction companies in Hawaii that have managed to reach the same pinnacle of success as that of Nan Inc. in a short period of time. Having its headquarters located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company had very humble beginnings and was founded rather single-handedly by a man named Patrick Shin. A quick look will tell you that he was born Nan Chul Shin in South Korea and changed his name when he moved to the US. He founded the company back in 1990, so it has only been working in the industry for three decades.

In the world of construction, this is considered very young, especially when you see that they have taken on more than 3,000 projects during this time and have done a remarkable job with each one. Whether it is pre-construction, general construction, design-build or construction management, Nan Inc. has done a superior job in every area. Due to its commitment to excellence, the company was gradually able to climb the success ladder in the construction industry and is now on the list of the top ten firms operating in the state. All of this couldn’t have happened if Patrick Shin had given up.

He started his company with just one employee by his side and like every other business, there were a lot of hurdles that had to be overcome. Nan Inc. also struggled in the initial years, as they couldn’t get many projects. As a matter of fact, their first task was to install a road sign. But, Patrick Shin stayed motivated and was adamant to become a top name in the field of construction. Thanks to his unrelenting efforts, Nan Inc. has become a construction behemoth today and its workforce now comprises of almost 600 people, where they had only one in the beginning.

The team at Nan Inc. is capable and experienced and thanks to considerable resources, they are capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously. Their technical expertise and advanced construction knowledge has played a monumental role in helping others realize their dream. Nan Inc. has handled a number of projects and developments in Hawaii over the years that have contributed to the state’s future. They have worked in different industries and also been awarded various government projects. The official blog by Nan Inc. owner can shed some more light on all they have done and continue to do.

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Add Comfort to Your Home with UPVC Windows

Modern windows are more than just an aesthetic feature. They help to keep your home insulated and safe from the elements. With updated materials and construction methods, your windows can be an incredibly durable part of your home. Gone are the days when you must worry about high electric bills, and broken windows.Besides windows, a big role on cutting your monthly electricity bills are the rates of the actual energy provider you are subscribed to. Companies like New Power Texas are offering electricity rates and plans for your home with price-protected fixed rates, which provide security against runaway energy bills. With UPVC windows and doors, you can even guard against theft. The comfort of your home can easily be raised with these reinforced windows and frames.

Lowers Your Energy Bill

UPVC windows can help to keep your home insulated from outdoor temperature changes. You can choose from single or double glazing. Double glazing gives you the most protection. When you choose to use your air conditioning or heat, you will find that you do not have to run it as much, as the cold or heat stays in. Most people find that they do not need to use these utilities as much, however, due to the excellent insulation. There are some great vendors that offer the best UPVC windows in Dudley.

Enjoy a Quiet Home

Many people grow accustomed to the noise of a busy neighbourhood or city. They do not realise how much rest they have sacrificed to noise until they have windows that keep the sound out. Again, the double-glazing option is best for optimal noise reduction. You can relax without worry of noise from many things.

  • Children playing outside
  • Traffic
  • Machinery

UPVC windows can help you keep your home more comfortable and save you significant amounts of money. Their durability can also make it harder for people to break in. Your windows are harder to break, keeping people out and resisting things such as kid’s toy balls. A lowered risk of breakage is great for homes with kids and pets. Enhance your home with UPVC windows for an unforgettable experience.



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Lava stone sink is the best choice for the environment

Consider the impact of the bathroom remodelling on the environment. All the debris may seem irrelevant, nonetheless, if you multiply it by millions of remodels every year it adds up to quite a terrifying number.

We have no doubts that people who own our sinks are generally happier people. Those happy customers invite nature to their interiors and they don’t look back, really. It does not matter whether the water enters the rock or leaves it, together these forces of nature work in a perfect harmony!

Apart from personal preferences, it is also known that natural stone sinks are more eco-friendly than common ceramic sinks. Nature will be happy to accept the natural stone back, but it will not be happy to receive a ceramic sink that is hard to recycle. For over 15 years, every year we deliver dozens of rock sinks and bathtub to individual interior design projects, private homes and distributor networks on almost all continents.

Stone Sink:

Do natural stone sinks have any flaws? Some of them certainly do, but if they happen to be unaesthetic it is the duty of our team and Quality Control personel to reject such a sink and give it back to the nature. Our brand relies on only the best quality natural stone items which, believe it or not, is a very rare procedure! Lux4home™ was once called a very efficient filter that only delivers stone sinks and bathtubs that are first quality.
The stone used to produce these sinks is basalt, hence why they are sometimes referred to as lava stone vessel sinks. It is generally more reliable than granite sinks as basalt is often considered as more solid rock.

River Stone Countertop Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Over 15 years of experience in Natural Stone Sink industry has made our team the experts on the subject. There are no mysteries for us in the technical aspect of these products. We never let our customers down – regardless if you need a single piece or a full container. Get in touch with us and let us find a great piece of stone sink or bathtub together. Join hundreds of satisified customers of ours and benefit from easy maintenance but spectacular looking river rock sinks.

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Things To Think About When Decorating Your Home With Fabric Sofa

Are you searching for a great way to make the living room more attractive and stylish? One of the best methods is using the fabric sofa that allows users to select different patterns, colours, and styles for your home.

The fabric sofa is preferred in most homes because it is easy to care and can last for a long time. In addition, the reclaimed sofas are cheap, and any person can afford them to make them more appealing. The following are the main things to think about when decorating a home with reclaimed fabric sofa.

The anticipated theme using a reclaimed sofa

When decorating home decor plans, the themes are largely defined by the main items in the house. These are furniture such as the sofa and wall art. Therefore, you should carefully think about the theme you want to bring out in the house before starting to decorate it.

For example, a homeowner who wants to bring out a nature-inspired theme can opt for the matching colours and patterns. You can also bring out the theme using nature-inspired covers wall art and lighting.

To make it easier to bring out the theme, start thinking about it before purchasing the sofa. Consider going for the sofa that makes it easy to bring out multiple themes without necessarily replacing with.

The available space for the reclaimed sofa

The thrill you can bring out with a reclaimed sofa is tied to the available space. To make the living space more appealing, it is advisable to buy a fabric sofa based on the available space.

If space is limited, consider going for a sleek fabric sofa that will easily fit without compromising the focus on style.  A good example is the Viscount William sofa that can be used in the main living room, hallway, or the balcony.

When checking the available space, it is important to note that the sofa will require other items for the room décor to look complete. For example, you will need to leave ample space for the table and stand lamps.

 Expected traffic and nature of the reclaimed sofa usersThe nature of the traffic expected to use the fabric sofa is very crucial when selecting the design and materials. If you are in most of the cases alone and only a few visitors come, you can go for the light-weight sofa covers.

However, people who expect heavy traffic or those with kids should go for the high-density fabric sofas. It is also important to invest in high-quality covers to help to protect the fabric.

Note that no matter the nature of the expected traffic and the selected material, the allure of the sofa will depend on how is maintained. For example, you should form a habit of clearing dirt as immediately it falls on the sofa. You should also change the sitting positions regularly when sitting on the sofa.

Other décor items and designs used together with the reclaimed sofa

To bring out the interior décor more effectively, it is important to look at the entire house holistically as opposed to the sofa’s viewpoint only. Even if the sofa is very impressive, the targeted décor outlook will not work when other items are poorly selected.

The area rugs, the reclaimed sofa, wall art and lighting should articulately rhyme with the selected theme. The sofa and the wall art can be used to define the theme while other items such as the plants, lighting and mirrors help to anchor it.

Though the fabric sofa can be used to bring out multiple themes, it is important to be extra creative especially when you want the house to look different. Make sure to always enrich your views on interior décor by visiting new places and talking to décor experts.

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Top Signs Your Home Needs Repairs

Home repairs are one of the top expenditures homeowners will face.  From the occasional leaking roof to cracked tiles or dented wood floors: repairing your home is vital to ensure it doesn’t lose a lot of property value or suddenly become an uncomfortable place to live.

Repairs can also help ensure that you don’t have to deal with larger issues later. For example, a clogged gutter can lead to roof damage, and a poorly repaired dishwasher can lead to inner-wall flooding.  Here are the top signs that your home needs some help as soon as possible.

Hearing Weird Sounds In Home

When you’re in bed at night, do you hear chirps or squeaks coming from your attic?  When someone flushes the toilet, does it sound alarmingly loud or like it’s gurgling?  Both of these can cause issues and damage down the line, so it’s important to know what they are and what you should do.

Any squeaking, thumping, or scratching from your attic should make you immediately call animal services.  In this case, where you hear squeaking that’s almost mechanical sounding at night, it could be bats.  Birds don’t usually chirp before dawn, and there shouldn’t be anything mechanical in your attic that makes that sound.  Bats can cause issues like mold, rot, and bug issues.  Get this looked into immediately.

Ceiling Leaks or Stains

If your ceiling has any drip or stains are starting up: you have to get that repaired immediately.  There’s no way to tell, without going into your attic or looking at your roof, how bad your damage is just based on the water trickling through.  You may have a flooded-out loft, or you could have a large hole in your attic that’s hidden by the shape of your roof.

A small leak or stain can build up into something that ruins your home.  Although it’s a symptom of something wrong with your roof, it can also be a warning of ruin to the interior of your home.  Wood rot in your attic can be expensive to fix, and if it tears holes in your ceiling or rots your insulation, you’ll have to repair and replace all of these as well.

Occasionally Smelling Burning, Lights Dimming or Flickering

Electrical issues have to be taken seriously.  A slight mishap can cause problems so bad that an entire home burns down; you can’t afford to overlook them. So instead, pay attention to warning signs your home is giving you.

Lights flickering, going out, or dimming when they’re not supposed to can be large warnings about your electrical system. Unfortunately, an inspection might not notice this while you’re looking at Baton Rouge houses for sale, so it’s important to know what to look out for.

If your home has sudden issues and you’re unsure if they’re electrical or not, you have to talk to a professional.

A small electrical issue can cause house fires, damage electronics, and cause problems with the electricity bills you pay every month.  Be wary of these issues and attempt to get them checked out as soon as possible.

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How to Best Hire Plant Machinery in the Midst of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has recently set off serious financial difficulties in the construction industry. But with everyone getting used to the new normal, things are anticipated to get back on track soonest. Before then, consider plant hire Kent services for your next project. Remember, the plant hire company you choose will have a huge impact on your project outcome. Here are aspects that will ensure you find the best company to work with during this global pandemic.

Centralized Procurement

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Consider establishing clear guidelines on how to procure the needed equipment. If you were used to the decentralized approach, recent moments don’t allow it. Think of centralized outsourcing of your machinery.

You may face a few challenges trying to find a suitable plant hire company for your project. But ensure you get the right equipment for the job under the same vendor. The best plant hire companies will disclose their abilities by providing you with a detailed list of their equipment.

They’ll also elaborate on the various tasks they can handle and the perfect machinery for the job. While all these matters, how about the company’s strategies and policies needed to curb COVID-19? Make sure you outsource plant machinery from a single provider equally armed to curb the spread of this fatal disease. It will help in tracking and managing any potential cases much easier.

Safety Precautions

Heavy machines can cause severe injuries if not death. Most of these tragedies are due to the negligence of the machine operators or the custodian. If you consider hiring project equipment, ensure the machinery is well-maintained, and the operators trained.

Some companies overlook the importance of preemptive and scheduled maintenance. Ascertain the fitness of the equipment before its’ delivered to your construction site. Request to be served with maintenance documentation, company safety policies, and verify the accreditations of the team expected to operate the machinery on-site.

Above all, the company must have COVID safety workplace guidelines. With the ever-rising cases of COVID infections, you can’t take chances. Find out if your potential company cleans and disinfects the equipment, practice social distancing, and observe regular health checks. You want a company that will guarantee overall safety for their team and your crew. In addition, it’s everyone’s interest to ensure projects are delivered on time and the lockdowns remain a thing of the past. Play your role; ensure safety in your work environment.

Looking Ahead

Some circumstances may make more sense to hire plant machinery than to make a purchase. Not because costs like equipment maintenance fees belong to a third party, but because it’s the most cost-effective option at the moment. If you choose to work with Plant hire Kent companies, contact FGS Plant Kent, and you’ll rest assured of enhanced safety and efficiency on your project site.

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Things to Do Before Building a Customised Closet

The good thing about having a customized closet is that you can determine every detail. From the number of panels to the materials used, everything is your choice. You might have to spend a bit more, but it would be worth it. Having fitted bedrooms will also make everything look organized. You only need one area to keep your clothes and accessories. Check out if you want this type of closet. If you have already decided to pursue this plan, here are a few things you need to do.

Determine your needs

Start by conducting an inventory of the things you own. Identify how many clothes and accessories you have. You can determine the number of panels or the size of the closet based on your needs. You don’t want to end up with customized furniture that doesn’t serve its purpose. Consider not only the items you own now but also the ones you intend to buy in the future.

Set your budget

Another reason for choosing a customized closet is that you can decide how much you can afford to pay. Sure, customized furniture is more expensive. However, you can tweak the details to meet your budget. Don’t go beyond your budget. Remember that there are still other expenses to consider.

Find the right place

Choosing to have built-in furniture can also be risky since you can’t move it anymore. Once you decided to place it in one area, it will stay there forever. Therefore, you need to survey your bedroom and decide where to put the closet. Make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your movement. If there are other items in the bedroom, there should be enough space. Measure the area and provide the correct details to the builders.

Find a reliable furniture maker

You want a reliable person doing the job. Again, you will spend a lot of money to build customized furniture. Rely on someone who can guarantee excellent results. Read reviews online to know what other people have to say. You may also seek recommendations from friends who already tried doing customized furniture before. 

Empty your bedroom

Since the construction will take a while, you might have to use another bedroom. Remove all the items inside to prevent damages. The good thing is that if you hire the right people to do the furniture, it won’t take a long time to get things done. You might have to sacrifice for a few days, but the results would be worth it.

Don’t start from scratch

The customized closet should reflect your personality and choices. However, there’s no need to start everything from scratch. Instead of designing out of nowhere, you can look for examples. It doesn’t mean that you have to replicate existing designs. You can get an idea of how to make your closet better. Once you are ready to move forward, talk to the person who will build the closet. After agreeing on every detail, it’s time to close the deal. Wait until the furniture is ready, and you will love it.

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A Guide to Foundation Repair and Basement Repair

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, you need to be aware that there are things that you may not be aware of that can be extremely dangerous. For this article, we came up with a list of some of the things that be expected to go wrong at some point. We also included some things that a professional basement repair company will do to repair the damage. 

If you are having what you suspect is a foundation issue and you are in the Western part of Colorado or surrounding states you should consider contacting Foundation Repairs of Western Colorado, which specializes in basement and foundation repairs. 

7 Common basement issues and what to do about them

Cracks in the walls and or floor – Due to normal settling it is not unusual for a homeowner to find small hairline cracks in their basement walls and floors within the first couple of years. However, if you are finding larger cracks or horizontal cracks in the walls or floors you should be concerned. These types of cracks should be looked at by a professional and repaired as quickly as possible. 

Excessive foundation settling – Excessive settling or a sinking foundation is a definite sign of a serious condition. If you happen to notice that one side of the house is much lower than the other, this is a dead giveaway that your home is likely sinking and not just settling. If you suspect that there is a sinking problem, you need to call a professional to determine the extent of the sinking and find the root cause. 

Upheavals in the floor – While a settling or sinking foundation is often considered normal, a rising foundation or upheaval is definitely not normal. An upheaval condition generally occurs around the perimeter of the foundation and it is normally caused by the expansion of the soil. Unlike when the soil under the foundation erodes and you have sunk, the expanding soil will force the foundation upward. This will need to be corrected by an expert in foundation repair. 

Poorly fitting doors – The opening and closing of the doors in your home are dependent on the squareness of the frame. If you notice that the doors are starting to stick excessively, or they are not opening and closed tightly as they once did. You are likely having some type of foundation issue and you should have it looked at. If you let it go for too long, you could be in for much higher repair bills. 

Large gaps around windows – Gaps around windows and exterior doors or French-style doors that don’t come together correctly are a good sign that you might be experiencing a foundation issue. You may be thinking that you can simply fill in the gaps between the windows, however, that will not fix the problem. You will likely be backfilling in the same gaps all over again. You need to call in an expert to identify the foundation issues and make the proper corrections. 

Floors appear uneven in places – Uneven or sagging flooring can be caused by a number of things depending on how your foundation is constructed. The typical slab floor that is sagging or uneven in spots is usually caused by the soil eroding from underparts of the slab. You will want to call in an expert that can identify the exact cause of the slab movement and make the necessary correctly fairly quickly. 

Excessive dampness in the crawl space – If you don’t have a slab foundation, it will have a pier and beam system instead. This type of foundation means that there will be designated crawl spaces to allow free access to utility lines that enter and exit the house. If there is an excess amount of dampness or moisture you will likely notice a number of things inside the house. You will need to call in an expert to find the source of the moisture and get it repaired. 

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Why must you choose laminate flooring

Are you looking to get new flooring done? What to get is a big decision. There are many aspects that need to be considered before finalizing the type of floor. There are so many options available in the market that you can select from. The laminate floor is the most liked flooring as there are many different design options in the same. A few people do go in for wood but that is a very price and maintenance option. Rather you can buy a wood finish laminate floor.

Why do people prefer laminate flooring?

Wood is a very costly option for first-time installation as well as the price of maintenance is high as well. The cost is lesser and also resistant to stains, as it is easier to clean. The smooth surface will not only look good but there are also various different designs to choose from. They are also very simple to install, hence need lesser time, and are ready to use quickly. The laminates are not made from real wood, so they are not harming rare types of trees like the hardwood tiles.

How to get laminate floors installed?

The laminate floors are in the form of tiles and are very easily installed. You can look for a tongue and groove design for an easier self-installation. But if the area is wide or has complicated corners it will be best to let the professionals handle it for you. The design of the tiles will not increase the cost. So have a budget in hand before you buy the laminate tiles.

How do you clean and care for the laminate tiles?

Every room over time gets dirty and there is a need for stain removal. Food, drinks, mud, or anything else can stick to the floor making it dirty. Though the stains will be sticky and stubborn looking, cleaning the laminate floor is rather a simple job. With regular maintenance of the floor and regular cleaning with a mild floor cleaner, the job will be done. The liquids are not very poisonous or harsh. So, use a cloth and softly remove the stains. While in the time of hardwood the moisture will damage the whole floor, there will be warping and imperfections will develop over time.

Summary: The laminate floors are not damaged severely by moisture, in most designs, there is no damage at all. And last but not least laminate floor is the best option as per the cost parameter. In the kitchen, it is best to put laminate flooring so that it can be cleaned easily and look spick and span. A swipe here and there will make the whole floor shining. Laminate flooring has a long life if kept properly and clean. Make sure you do not drop very heavy items on their surface or scratch them. This will break it, then you will have to replace the entire tile. So, the laminate floor is the best.

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Furniture Assembly – Common Problems & the Best Ways to Resolve Them

If you’ve just gotten yourself a flat-packed piece of furniture, you might be dreading the daunting process of putting everything together. Companies like IKEA are not only infamous for their minimal design, and packaging, but also, how hard it is to put their furniture together! Even if you’ve been getting IKEA furniture for a long time, chances are you still have a tough time trying to assemble it all without losing your mind! That’s about to change! In this post, we’re going to be going over 5 of the most common problems people have while assembling furniture and the best ways you can resolve them!

Common Furniture Assembly Problems & the Best Ways to Resolve Them

Below are the most common problems people face while assembling furniture, and how you can make sure you don’t face them!

  1. Damaged Pieces

    One of the most annoying things to face when you’re assembling furniture is when you take everything out of the box, and something is damaged. This can be a minor set of scratches or an entire chunk being damaged. This is because most furniture companies that use flat packaging, don’t use any foam or bubble wrap to cushion the furniture inside. If your furniture is damaged out of the box, chances are, it’s not in shape to be assembled.

    An easy fix to this situation is to avoid it in the first place. Make sure that all of your boxes are intact, smooth, and damage-free before you leave the store. This will minimize the chances of the pieces being damaged and make the assembly a lot smoother!

  2. Missing Pieces

    Another very common problem when assembling furniture is when you’re assembling everything and find that that one essential piece is missing. Most of the time when this happens, you’re already halfway through the assembly and don’t know what to do. Taking the furniture apart is difficult and will ruin the pieces, and you can’t assemble the furniture without the piece.

    A way you can avoid this problem is by laying out all of your furniture before assembling Lay out everything and make sure you have everything before you start. This way, if you’re missing something as small as a nail, you can get a replacement, or if it’s something bigger, return the package without the rest of the pieces being destroyed!

  3. Pieces that look the same

    This also happens far too often. People try to tell pieces apart but they all just look like the same white rectangle, over and over again! This might leave you in a place where you’re just stuck and don’t know what to do!

    You can avoid this by putting all the matching pieces together from the get-go. Label them with sticky notes making it easy to tell them apart and don’t let them mix until you’re all done!

  4. Wrong assembly

    Since most DIY assembly furniture is a bunch of geometric shapes with holes, you might accidentally assemble it the opposite way of where it’s supposed to go. Taking it apart isn’t a viable option, so you might find yourself giving up at this point, which most people do.

    This can be avoided by carefully studying the instructions repeatedly. They might be annoying to read, but they’re there for a reason!

  5. Confusion

    It’s also possible that you encounter all of these problems all at once. Together they can be very confusing to deal with and you might wonder why you even tried in the first place.

    Avoid this state by getting a Handyman in NYC or a handyman in your local area to assemble everything for you! It’ll be quick, easy, and convenient and nothing will go wrong. You’ll have your furniture all properly assembled and ready in no time!