When to Change Locks on Your Doors


Changing a lock is a simple way to make your home more secure. However, you should change the locks on your doors only when it is necessary. There are times when you will need to change the locks on your doors. If you are not sure whether it’s time to change your locks, here are some signs that may indicate it is time:

If your locks were stolen or broken, they should be replaced immediately. A thief can use your old key or pick the lock if they have a duplicate copy of it. This can leave your home vulnerable to theft and burglary. Also, if an intruder breaks into your home and steals something valuable, you will want to change the locks right away so no one else can enter without permission in the future.

If someone has broken into your home multiple times within a short period of time, it may be time to replace all of your locks with new ones that are harder to pick or force open using tools such as crowbars and screwdrivers.

If you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment, it’s a good idea to change the locks. This will prevent the previous owner from having access to your new home and will also give you peace of mind.

If you have a roommate who is moving out, it’s also a good idea to change the locks. Once they move out, you don’t want them coming back later on and feeling like they should still be able to get in. Changing the locks can help ensure that they don’t come back and try to get in without permission.

When you’re moving out permanently, it is important that all of your belongings are removed from the property before you leave. If there is any furniture or other items still left behind when you move out permanently, this could cause problems if someone breaks into your home and decides to take these items for themselves. By changing the locks before moving out permanently, nobody will be able to access your belongings even if they break in after you have already left and taken everything with you.

You have an ex-spouse with access to your house. When married couples divorce, it’s important for both parties to change their locks as soon as possible — especially if there is any history of domestic violence or abuse. While many states have laws preventing an abuser from having access to his or her former spouse’s home after divorce, it never hurts to err on the side of caution and keep yourself safe by changing the locks on your door quickly after filing for divorce if necessary.