10 Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrade Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen might be easier than you think. The kitchen is the most important place in your home, where you work the hardest. Therefore, it must serve the required functionalities and reflect your personal style. Working in a messy or outdated kitchen does not only affect your mood but also declines the quality of meals being cooked. As a focal point of your home, your kitchen renovations Perth must be invested in, to enhance its practicality and aesthetics. Henceforth, take a look at these 10 ideas to upgrade your kitchen, that’ll save you from spending a lot on the renovation.

1. Undermount Sink for a Streamlined Look

As a most functional necessity in the kitchen, the sink is often neglected at the time of kitchen upgrade. To streamline your cooking space, install a stylish undermount sink in your kitchen. Its surface is below the counter and will give your kitchen an elegant and luxury appeal. You can wash or peel off fruits/vegetables directly in the sink, without causing a mess on the counters. Undermount sinks are highly durable and easy to maintain. To achieve your dream kitchen look, try installing a touch-less tap with the sink.

2. Enhance the Lighting

Lighting is as important as the functionality of the kitchen. Bad lighting is directly linked with worsening the kitchen’s overall look, making you feel stuffed and thus deteriorating the kitchen experience. Update the old bulbs or fittings with some new ones. Make use of the stylish lighting designs that uplift the vibe of the kitchen area. There are many lighting options that you can choose from, such as

  • Surface Lighting Mushroom shaped fixtures with single bulbs or multiple florescent tubes that provide ambient lighting
  • Recessed Lighting Unobtrusive lights that create a sense of openness in the kitchen, and are installed directly on walls, ceiling, or other surfaces.
  • Pendants Fixtures mounted to the ceiling, that are meant to shed focused light on particular areas, such as a sink, a table, or a counter.

3. Replace Window Coverings

A kitchen upgrade is incomplete without investing in some stylish and trendy window decorations. Replace your old coverings with new curtains, blinds, shutters, or louvers to give your kitchen a modern and aesthetic look. They will control the amount of incoming light and can also address the issues of privacy. During winters, you can opt for some blinds of light shades that can beautifully let the sunshine pass through them. For warm seasons, go for curtains that are not so light, so that they won’t let the sunlight in and make the kitchen extra hot.

4. Open Shelves

Don’t worry about the clutter and try this fun idea for a kitchen upgrade. Incorporate open shelves in your kitchen and you’ll see the difference. It’ll personalize your kitchen and bring in an elegant vibe and character. Display the most used and colorful items on the shelves. This way, they will uplift the color scheme of the kitchen area. Open shelving also gives you easy access to everything, including cutlery, without you having to look for them in the corners of cabinets.

5. Buy New Stools

For an easy and affordable kitchen makeover, buy new and trendy stools. Make sure to research the best ones in town and then make a purchase, because they tend to break down quickly. Investing in some trendy and comfortable tools will not only make your kitchen more functional but also give off a stylish vibe.

6. Choose the Right Stove

Stoves are a necessity, that don’t only let you cook, but roast, sear, bake, roast, boil, steam and do many other things. Install a stove that aligns with the style of the kitchen and is also functional. Fortunately or unfortunately, gas stoves have become history! To upgrade your kitchen, try experimenting with different types of stoves, such as,

  • Induction Stoves Plain surfaced stoves that only heat the pan placed over it, and not the entire area.
  • Electric Stoves Stylish alternate to traditional gas stoves that are inexpensive, easy to clean, and come with a quick heating time.
  • Coil Stoves — Type of electric stoves, that are incredibly durable and affordable. Easy to scrub and clean, these cooktops can be used with any cookware, including cast-iron types of pans.

7. Change the Flooring Design

For a dynamic kitchen makeover, you must jazz up your flooring design. For that purpose, make use of some low-key, strong maintenance and beautiful floor tiles, that’ll complement the look of the kitchen. For an impressive kitchen design, choose a type of flooring that best aligns with the theme of the kitchen. If you prefer a minimalist kitchen, go for marble or light-colored flooring tiles. However, for a kitchen with a strong style presence and a colorful appeal, go for wood flooring or mosaic.

8. Place a Glass Dining Table

In case you have got a big and spacious kitchen, incorporate a glass dining table in its middle. It will give your kitchen area a contemporary and elegant look. Enhancing the visual appeal of your kitchen, a glass dining table distributes the light and is also durable. It doesn’t overshadow your kitchen’s charm. To complete your new kitchen look, put a rug underneath the table and arrange some dining chairs around the table.

In case you’re confused and have your doubts about whether to add this new accessory to your kitchen or not, take a look at some pros and cons of a glass dining table.

9. Replace the Countertops

Dirty and outdated counter tops can effectively level down the overall look of your kitchen. Getting rid of stains and replacing those countertops will not only ease up the cooking process but also add value to your kitchen. Some types are more high maintenance or durable than others. To upgrade your kitchen, look for a stylish countertop design. Forget about the traditional granite ones, and choose from trendy materials, such as quartz, marble, quartz, wood, stainless steel, and many more. They are more durable, easy to maintain, and available in a variety of colors.

10. Replace Cabinetry

Instead of going over the top for a kitchen makeover, replacing the handles and/or doors of your cabinets might be an easy and affordable kitchen renovation idea. You can look for different styles, shapes, and finishes online, to find out the perfect combination type. Don’t play safe, push your design envelope and go for anything your heart desires. For example, light cabins with dark handles will add a pop of contrast. If you want a seamless look, buy something that aligns with your current theme/style.

Upgrade your Kitchen — and Life!

We all know that The way to the heart is through the stomach.’ Considering this true, it is pivotal to satisfy your hunger cravings and to do that, you must have a spacious and updated kitchen, where you won’t have to spend hours finding the chilies or dishes. To achieve your dream of a modern yet low-key kitchen area, invest in its upgrade, as it also comes with an upgrade in the quality of life of people around you!