11 Things That a Landscaper Can Do That You Didn’t Know


In colder areas, winter may be particularly challenging for landscaping. Many of us think that until spring, our lawns and gardens will have to wait for our care once again. However, there are many things you can do in the winter to maintain your lawn and garden in its finest condition, and these jobs often call for professional landscaper assistance. Find out how a professional landscaper can make all the difference for your outside area when the weather drops!

Leaf Removal

Although leaf removal is only essential in the fall in certain areas, it is necessary all year long in others. Based on the property size, they could rake the leaves or utilise a leaf blower. Most landscapers additionally remove the leaves from the area, bagging them up to prevent clutter buildup or the possibility of fires during dry weather.

Cleaning the Gutter

While most landscaper spend the spring and summer caring for lawns and flowerbeds, many also provide gutter maintenance during the off-season. Your gutters should be cleaned often to avoid damage and accumulation of debris that may interfere with water drainage. Moreover, clearing up your gutter system must be done at least once or twice a year since it will lower your chance of roof damage and keep bugs from building nests.

Tree Trimming and Wrapping

Frequent trimming is needed throughout the year for many different kinds of trees and plants. This promotes vigorous spring growth and maintains a healthy look. Burlap may be wrapped around certain trees to protect them from winter harm. For example, the first five years of deciduous trees should have their trunks covered to avoid root flare. In exceptionally severe conditions, evergreen trees may even need wrapping.

Weed Elimination

Weeds may, unfortunately, thrive all year long in many areas of the nation, which is terrible news for lawns. Although eliminating weeds is a daily chore for all lawn care specialists in the summer, it’s also a useful service to think about in the winter. Landscapers can prevent weed development in the spring and remove weeds developing or sprouting.

Winter Mulch

Mulching a lawn in the autumn and winter is beneficial because it retains the ground warm and discourages weed growth. Additionally, it aids in keeping moisture in the soil, keeping grass healthy even while dormant. After the first heavy frost of the season, several lawn care specialists advise hiring mulching services.

Tree Planting

Now is a great time to grow new trees and shrubs before warm weather comes while waiting for springtime growth. Tree planting may be labour-intensive; therefore, many arborists choose to do it in the cooler months to escape the summer glare. Trees and bushes may also be planted all year round when the ground hasn’t frozen. Moreover, spring and winter are ideal times to plant trees since many different plants grow best while they are dormant.

Lawn Fertilisation

Every specialist in lawn care has access to fertiliser. Even though it’s usually done during the growing season, it is also viable to employ a gardener to winterise a lawn in the fall. In cold weather, they will pick a fertiliser that will offer enough nutrients to the roots of grass and plants. In addition to having slow-release formulas that give off nutrients gradually over time, most winter fertilisers also include sulphur or iron that promote root development.

Removing Snow

When winter arrives, many landscapers in places with severe snowfall switch from their lawnmowers to snow blowers. The same specialists that maintain your lawn throughout the summer may be available to handle your winter snow removal requirements, whether you need snow cleaned from a driveway or your entrance stairs.

Putting Up and Taking Down Holiday Lights

During the Christmas season, do you want your home to be the envy of the neighbourhood? Experts probably put up your neighbourhood’s most impressive Christmas light displays. And that expert may be the same one who looks after your lawn every year. It’s a service worth taking advantage of because most landscapers provide Christmas light setup and removal services to improve their revenue during their slower months of the year.

Cut Down Trees

Winter is the ideal time to hire a tree expert to remove any trees that need to be removed from the area. Cutting down trees while the ground is frozen is preferable since there is less chance of damaging the soil and other plants. Another advantage is that trees often shed fewer leaves in the winter, which means the grass will be less of a mess.

Landscape Construction

Hiring a professional to conduct landscape design or construction during winter season can let you start planning for spring and summer. In the summer, landscapers are often booked, but in the winter and early spring, they’ll have more free time to assist you in creating the yard or garden of your dreams. Give thoughts and concepts before having a conversation with a landscape construction designer.

In Summary

In addition to the house’s interior area, it’s critical to take good care of the outside as well. An attractive landscape plan may significantly improve a property. With this, you and your family may engage in outdoor activities and increase a property’s value. However, landscaping is more complicated than you may imagine. Thus, it is critical to understand what else a landscaper does that you need to know. Hope that this article will help you in making your home’s exterior more aesthetically beautiful and functional.