How to choose a reputable Building Contractor?


Choosing a building contractor is not an easy task at all. There are several things that you should look before you make the final choice. Not all contractors are the same. Not all contractors can do the job that you require them to do. It is why you should be very careful about choosing the building contractor. You should check a few contractors before you choose one of them.  You will find many building contractors who may offer cheap rates for the work, but their work is not good.

It is why you should always get a good and reputable building contractor who is reliable, offers brilliant work and is also not expensive. Once you choose a reliable and reputable contractor, it will reduce the building problems. Building contractors such as Builders Newcastle are reliable, offer low rates and are experts in work. Here is how you can choose a reputable and reliable building contractor.

Get recommendations

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the building contractor you get is reliable is by taking help from your friends, family, and neighbors. You can also ask recommendations from relevant trade associations. Ask them if they know any reliable building contractors. Ask specifically if these contractors have the type of experience you need. Not every contractor has the same skill set.  Ask your friends or family members for any written references to make sure that the contractor was legitimate. Ask them if that contractor was around for the future if there was any problem?  Only the contractor who builds a building knows how to resolve issues if they arise later in the future.

Another important information that you need to know about the contractor is if the contractor is a member or part of a reliable and appropriate trade association. Check with the association if they are a member. You can check the local Yellow Pages to get the list of local trade associations. Make sure that you look for an authentic trade association which you can get only from Yellow Pages. You should know that not all trade associations are reliable. These trade associations have strict criteria for their members. Not all the builders are a member of these associations.

Look for the TrustMark

In January 2006, the government introduced a scheme named TrustMark. It is a scheme in which the traders need to pass certain checks to become a member of a reputable trade association. So, if you need to find a member, you can check out the website, or call on this number 01344 666 104.

It is always a great idea to select an established contractor on the premises. You must choose the contractor who is nearby. It will be easy for you to contact the contractor personally. Also, if things go wrong, you should not have to travel a long distance to get to the contractor. You should always get the full address and contact information from the contractor. You should not only get a telephone number but also remember these numbers can change. It is why you should get a physical address.

Check the contractors out

You should visit the contractors and ask them for their previous work. You can view their work and assess yourself. Also, when you see their previous work, the buildings they built, ask their customers. Ask their customers and get a review of the particular building contractor. Ask them if they were happy and satisfied with their work or not? Did they start work on time? Did they complete the work on time? Was the final work within the estimate or was it more?

When you get a quotation, ask them for three separate quotations. Get these quotations in writing. Also, ensure that each quotation has a proper breakdown of all the works until the competition of the work.

You should never make assumptions regarding the quality of fixtures and fixings. There are several fixings such as kitchens, doors bath suites, electrical provisions, windows, and many more. Do not assume the quality. If you have specific requirements mention the so that the contractor includes them in the quotation. You can obtain various quotations and compare them.

Now make sure that you carefully inspect each quotation. Compare the quotations like-for-like. Also, see what the contractor is providing for at that price. You should understand that the cheapest is not the best.

Agree on payment terms before the work commences

One of the most important aspects while choosing the contractor is to agree upon the payment terms. You should be careful about the upfront payments. You should know what you will get for the upfront payment. Getting back the monies is not easy or possible. You cannot track the contractors that offer cash / VAT free deals if something goes wrong.

It is always a good idea to pay by a credit card wherever possible. It gives extra protection. You can claim compensation from the company if the work is not satisfactory.  Make sure that you agree to the terms of payment. Also, you should make yourself clear. Tell the contractor. What you want and then stick to it. If you change your mind, it will not be good for you as it will add expenses.

Now that you agree on a start date and the price, it is time that you get a written contract that you can understand. The contract should be easy to read. It should have clear points. If you do not understand the contract, you should seek professional advice.

Try to get the contract in writing. Also, make sure that each and everything is written, and you agree to it, for example:

  • The contract should include the details of exactly what the estimate (or the quotation) includes. You should prefer a quotation over a simple estimate.
  • The contract should include the start date and also an estimate of how long will it take to complete the work.
  • What are the payments that the contractor expects from you before finishing the works?
  • You should include another important point. On what basis you will want to increase the expenses or the overall cost.
  • What are the arrangements that the builder will make for your convenience and safety as the works proceed?

If the contractor does not supply a contract, you should draw a contract yourself.

Consider suitable forms of standard contract

You should agree, in the beginning, to not make the full payment unless you are satisfied with the works. Also, agree not to make the full payment unless the Local Authority Building Control Surveyor issues the Completion Certificate.

Ask about insurance

At last, you should know if your bolder has insurance or not. Your builder should have up-to-date public liability insurance.

Only start the works when you check that the builder obtains the necessary approvals from Local Authority Planning and Building Control. Also, you should ensure to fully address the conditions set by the Planning and Building Regulation approvals before the contractor commences the work.

Once you start the work and it is complete, it is time to get the Local Authority Completion Certificate. This certificate is necessary for the future if you want to sell the house.