How to Effectively Remove Mice from your Home


Many UK homeowners are unwittingly sharing their home with a family of rodents, and these hardy little animals are so good at blending into the background, many people are completely unaware they are in the home. Eventually, you will see the tell-tale signs of mice infestation, such as:

  • Droppings in the kitchen
  • Gnawed clothes or electric cables

There are several ways to remove mice from the home, and rather than attempt this yourself, there are trusted domestic pest control services in Derby who can make short work of the infestation.

Proven Mice Removal Methods

There are a number of strategies the pest control technician might employ to eliminate mice, which include the following:

  • Bait Stations – These work effectively as the adult mice take food back to the nest, which all the creatures then ingest.
  • Rat Poison – If you don’t have children or pets, then rat poison is an effective way to eliminate rats and mice, although this should be administered by a pest control technician.

The Best Mice Repellents

Once the pest control officer has removed all traces of mice, there are things you can do to deter mice from setting up home in your home. Some effective things to use are peppermint spray, while mothballs are also effective at repelling rodents, and if they are replaced every three months, they should keep your home mice free.

A single mouse isn’t much of a problem, but once they begin to breed, you will soon have a house full, and as mice are carriers of disease, you should call your local pest control company as soon as you know you have mice in the house.