3 Reasons Why you Might Need an Emergency Roofing Contractor


Your roof is by far the most important component of your home, and it has to endure a barrage of extreme weather conditions that the UK climate provides, and with an annual roof inspection, any issues can promptly be repaired. There are, however, times when an emergency roofer is required, and here are a few of the scenarios that would require immediate attention.

  1. Storm Damage – Gale force winds could cause a mature tree to come down, and if a few tons of timber hit your roof, you would certainly call emergency roofers in Gloucester. Such an event would likely cause internal damage, and rafters and joints would need replacing, and that would be costly.
  2. A Leaking Roof – It might be due to a few missing roof tiles, but if rainwater can enter the inner framework, this will cause considerable damage, if not repaired immediately. The leak would be identified and repair work carried out at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Guttering Failure – It might be that the guttering is clogged up with wet leaves and small twigs, or the brackets have lost their fitting, and either way, this will send torrents of rainwater down the exterior walls. You might be lucky and it happens during a dry time, but if it does rain heavily, there is a serious risk of property damage.

If you ever require the services of a roofing company outside or normal working hours, an online search will put you in touch with a local contractor.