Why are Timber Windows Becoming More and More Popular


As some of you may already be aware, superb looking beautiful timber windows are making something of a comebackin Scotland and elsewhere at the moment. An increasingly large number of folks are wishing for their lovely homes to not only look a lot nicer, but also feel a lotcosier also

And after having them installedwith their great visual enhancement, it then makes plain common sense why so many people are opting for them over other modern duller looking types of materials.

So, let’s take a look at what else there is about timber windows that smiles on people’s faces:

Materials and Parts

  • As more people have found out, even when given the choice of newer available materials, timber windows are still winning out and are the best choice.
  • Many people have noted that it’s a return to the past, although a welcome return because the wooden windows of back yonder were nowhere at all near the quality of modern timber windows.
  • If you’re looking at any home renovating and wish for some beautifultimber sash windows in Scotland, make sure to get them from a well-established company who can provide you with top class quality new windows, doors and glass.

Typical Terms Associated with Beautiful Timber Windows

  • The jamb is the wooden space that fits between the window and the building.
  • The bottom of the jamb, isthe sill.
  • The sill partwhich extends into a room is known as the stool, though most call it the “windowsill”.
  • The jamb is that part which is fixed into the home’s wall and usually never replaced.
  • The sash is the part of a window which is joined to the glass.
  • If apane needs replacing, the sash and the glass require removing.
  • The vertical parts of the sash are the stiles, and the horizontal parts the rails.
  • A double-hung timber window is constructed from two sashes, the upper and lower.
  • The upper sash slides down to open, but in nearly all cases the lower sash will slide upwards to open.
  • The bottom rail of the upper sash and the top rail of the lower sash overlap when windows are closed.
  • These overlapping rails are known as check or meeting rails.

And the Windows Themselves

  • Pieces of glass in all windows arecalled panes or lights.
  • A while back in time, mixes of panes were common, like the twelve-over-twelve style of two sashes of double-hung timber windows.
  • This alignment of the window panes is so visually attractive that they are also now making a big return to people’s homes.

Earth – Friendly

  • Timber windows are eco-friendly and their wood has even been ecologically planted, grown and harvested.
  • If they are skilfully fitted and then taken care of, timber sash windows will not allow for any more loss of heat than any vinyl or aluminium windows.
  • Timber windows are a lot more people friendliythan other types of windows also.

Timber windows are not only back, they’re here to stay also!